Teaching the first Self Created Health in the UK

Posted on Sunday 16th September, 2012 at 12:12 pm

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Karina Grant

The first Self Created Health UK workshop held a lot of excitement and expectation. Hailed by Richard as “the other side of the coin” and “my most profound work yet”, I was really looking forward to sharing this material. And rightly so…this workshop had a new and special energy before it even began.

I had phoned around every London venue that I knew of several months ago and was finding it hard to get any availability throughout August and the first half of September due to the Olympics. Where possible I make it my mission to try and source venues with some element of green either in a garden or very nearby. Of course in London this can make for an interesting search!

Knowing that I had participants flying in from abroad and also from some of the more scenic parts of the UK I also wanted to provide a well located place as near to some nature as possible.

The only venue that seemed to be available a few days after the incredible Paralympics was The Holiday Inn Brent Cross. Those that know the area will know that it is neither green nor scenic. This particular hotel is located just off the M1 (a main motorway) and in the middle of a major junction. There is no garden and the only outside space is the car park. It certainly didn’t fit the initial brief! I booked it and trusted that as always, everything is always infused with the intent of the highest good.

A few days after booking the room , I was meditating and the reason for teachingSCH in this particular place became crystal clear. The theme of the SCH material is honesty, being real and having the courage to work through and face what we usually hide away from, transforming it into something powerfully and healing.

I instantly realised that this hotel was a perfect metaphor for SCH and actually provided the most perfect space to do this. No distractions, no avoidance – just a space to do exactly what the premise of the workshop is based on.

With optional “homework” to do in the evening, the hotel location meant that the participants had nowhere else to look or “play” other than at the issues we were working through over the workshop period. This opens a very large and rare opportunity for serious transformation to take place. And it did…

I knew instantly that this was going to be a very special workshop as soon as I was given the answer for the location and I knew we were meant to be there. It was also a powerful lesson in trusting that the universe is always working with us in every moment.

On the morning of the workshop I arrived at the hotel and took my things to the room we were using. Within 2 minutes of being there I decided to have a look at who would be using the room opposite us. I looked up to see a sign saying “Spinal Injuries Association” on the door. I smiled and knew once again, that the universe always knows best.

The rest of the group were as excited as I was about this and we told members of their group about QT and what we do, it was an incredibly heart warming space to be in. I spoke to the teachers about QT and passed on the website details and how easy it is to learn specific techniques to naturally bring down pain and balance the body. After offering to come and speak to members of the association and demonstrate QT, I am looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

The final confirmation was during lunch on the second day when a mental health Doctor asked the group what we were all doing at the hotel. He turned out to have developed a supplement that simultaneously shifts consciousness whilst promoting cellular regeneration in the body. He too was very interested in QT and asked for all the relevant details to investigate further.

All this set the space for the actual workshop to unfold in a most wonderful way. To put it simply The Self Created Health material is amazing and powerful. It is based on finding the emotional trauma that caused the physical condition and then processing it in a very specific way so that it is transformed into the highest state of returning to Self that can exist. The beauty of this work is that everyone maintains their privacy and only shares details that they choose to. All the transformation takes place without getting into detail about what the trauma was.

The group supported each other holding a beautiful and powerful space for healing to take place. We saw a severely hunched over spine have a 60% instant shift as soon as the emotional cause was located and this was before the emotion was even processed. There were several other amazing insights and shifts were witnessed as a group.

Everyone walked away feeling confident, shifted and excited about the process.

“I was able to realise the underlying cause to my lethargy and procrastination. I was then able to process the emotions and felt much lighter thereafter. My first realisation that something had changed was when I was able to sit on the floor for a long time without the usual aches and pains. Having worked with other group members, I was able to help them realise their insights and that felt very rewarding!”

As the workshop ended we came to a close whilst discussing an age old question “What is love”….

That evening I opened a fortune cookie which answered the question and made me smile “Of all human passions love is the strongest for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.”

I am delighted to bring such cutting edge material to the UK and look forward to many more Self Created Health workshops!

“You gave us all a wonderful experience, which will be of lifelong benefit to ourselves and others. Thank you ever so much! These tools are incredibly powerful and need to be made known and available to as many people as possible. You get absolutely top marks, and more!”

“My impression of the workshop as a whole, the teaching and the material being taught is that all were brilliant. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest, I would rate this experience as a 20. Everyone should do this!”