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Sensing energy in the hands to gain awareness and mindfulness

Learning to feel or gain an awareness of energy in any part of the body is a common and gentle introduction to energy work, mindfulness and simply getting in touch with the body. In Quantum-Touch we ask people to close their eyes and feel the sensations in their index finger. People often imagine they are breathing through the finger, put their awareness into their finger or just simply “feel it”. The purpose of this easy exercise is to start learning to sense Life Force Energy. It is always there yet we only notice it when we put our intention and attention there. We can then extend this awareness to our entire hand and then subsequently our entire body which is a commonly used way of connecting to body mindfully in meditation. The fastest way to drop into your body and become “present” is to simply “feel the body”.

In many Qi Gong systems, people are taught how to hold an “energy ball” and sense the air in the space in-between our hands. We will feel sensation in varying places depending on where we move our awareness to. When the person moves their hands gently inwards and outwards the ball grows and a buzzing or tickling can be felt as you learn to sense subtle energies.

The benefits of this simple process run more deeply than it may perhaps seem at first glance. When connecting to physical body sensations the mind begins to become less active and begins to loosen it’s grip on thought.

One of the reasons that Quantum-Touch is so incredibly relaxing and enjoyable to give as well as receive because students learn to move their awareness right the way through the body, repeatedly with such grace and ease during sessions. This is very grounding and enjoyable especially when the other techniques are added to it. Participants learn to quickly develop an ability to feel the sensations between their hands which then opens the ability to sense the energy flow in the client.

Feeling an “energy ball” and connecting to the sensations in your hands is a fantastic introduction to Quantum Touch, meditation and the enormous healing potential that our hands have.

Try it and see!

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