Watch this Quantum Touch Level 2 Healing Video

Each Quantum Touch workshop is always filled with its own unique joys and healing stories. The November 2019 QT Level 2 workshop was a perfect way to end my QT workshops this year. I have a short video of a wonderful participant’s experience to share with you, to remind you of the magic of QT Level 2!

Brenda has restored her balance again

When Brenda Sweetman wrote these words QT HQ and I were incredibly touched. We love hearing how QT changes people’s physiology and structure because we know how life changing this can be for people. Even if an injury is years old, Brenda’s story shows us how the body can still heal quickly. Enjoy Brenda’s story below and her short video!

“I am blown away with this energy healing modality especially the level 2 workshop. Since breaking my leg in 4 places and dislocating my foot my foot in 2011 my balance has been really bad when I close my eyes.
After doing level 2 my balance is amazing and this is the best I’m feeling for years.
So much so I really want to teach this amazing therapy.
Thank you Karina for a totally mind blowing 2 days with an absolutely amazing group. I’m looking forward to Feb already!”

“I have attended 2 level 1 workshops and a level 2 workshop with Karina.
She is an amazing Quantum Touch Instructor with a mind full of knowledge. She facilitates the courses with love and has a true passion for teaching.”

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