Pain shifting at Whitehall with Quantum-Touch Level 2

One of the reasons people are very attracted to Quantum-Touch is because the techniques are an excellent way to help people shift out of physical pain.

What continues to amaze us all is just how quickly this can happen.

I was previously invited to give a talk about Quantum-Touch at the British Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change at Whitehall, during their Health Awareness Week.

Most of the people in the room were excited about the idea of freeing themselves from their aches and pains. 

One man stood up and said “I don’t believe in any of this. So come on then, what are you going to say to convince me?”

I replied with a big smile and said, “What are YOU going to say to convince ME, to convince YOU?” 

He paused, reflected, and then we both had a laugh about it. I continued to focus on the people who were excited about what I had to say. In particular, I chose to then give a demonstration using the Quantum-Touch Level 2 techniques to a lady with back pain. After a few minutes, she said the tension in her back released and her pain went from a 7 to 0.5, with just a tiny niggle left.

The man with disbelief stood back in shock. He then said, “I’ll look silly if I ask to have a go now, won’t I?” Everyone shouted “yes” back at him and we all laughed again.

There will always be some people that are on a different page to us, however, there are way more people that ARE on the same wavelength and do want to try Quantum-Touch. Live or online demonstrations are a great way to introduce Quantum-Touch to people. 

Make a choice to focus on the people who you DO connect to. Let go of needing everyone to understand and agree with you. The best way to do this is often to communicate with humour and infuse your words with HI CHI!


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