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iDoctor – the future of wireless medicine

Having medical examinations available on your smart phone – the future of wireless medicine

When I heard about Dr Eric Topol who is considered to be one of the world’s leading cardiologists talk about the emergence of wireless medicine, I was blown away. Dr Topol is a world renowned visionary Doctor that believes in empowering individuals to take charge of their health and share the responsibility with the medics. How do we do this? By knowing exactly where we stand and having access to the kind of information that is costly and we only know about when we visit a Doctor.

Dr Topol believes we are all different and the current ways of diagnosing illness do not work because they treat everyone as “cattle”. With this in mind having an app called the iDoctor on your iPhone that can produce a cardiogram for a patient which can then be easily emailed over to a physician is revolutionary. It doesn’t end there, we will be able to do blood, saliva and sweat tests.

iDoctor software phone Dr Topol uses a small portable ultrasound machine which and the wireless diagnostic possibilities are “exploding”. Doctor patient relationships are enhanced by the patient feeling fully informed and having access to the same information in real time for very little cost. Being able to check your glucose levels on your phone after you have eaten specific foods can be incredibly preventative, changing the way we interact with food forever and preventing conditions such as diabetes.

And the best thing is “anything that we do can be done remotely” Does this remind you of distance healing? 🙂

This means people can be discharged from hospitals early and recover at home and can still be monitored. Dr Topol says currently medicine is “dumbed down” and the new medicine gives you all the information you never had before so that you can take charge of your health.

Watch the video about the iDoctor

The iDoctor and Quantum Touch

From a Quantum Touch perspective I think this is very exciting. Imagine being able to provide a myriad of readings before and after sessions and being able to produce consistent data that charts the recovery and health progress of clients as they embark on their QT journey to recovery. This will be data that will hold immense weight in the medical world and cannot be ignored. I have always believed that good health is a collective responsibility.

The health service can only thrive when there is a collective responsibility shared where we each take charge of our own health. I look forward to these machines being widely available and used by healing practitioners to produce factual data about the phenomenal power of Quantum Touch. This will be world changing science. It will give us all tremendous factual insight into the effects of stress and the positive influence of a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, meditation and QT healing. Oh and it will leave any healing skeptics with very little to say other than “how do I learn this?” 🙂

Watch Dr Topol present the iDoctor at TEDMED

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