Dr Bruce Lipton & Dr Wayne Dyer

You can heal yourself – how does this happen?

This short and uplifting video featuring the incredible Dr Bruce Lipton and inspirational Dr Wayne Dyer shows a discussion highlighting the key factors for healing.

Dr Lipton references his mind blowing research about how our internal perceptions of our environment and beliefs about the world we live in will determine our health. That is the information being consistently communicated to our genes and also shows how we can override our genes.

Our beliefs are so powerful that there is now evidence to show that ⅔ of all medical healing including surgery is all accomplished through the placebo effect.

Conversely the nocebo effect is just as powerful but based on a negative belief. Positive and negative beliefs are just as influential on the mind – body as each other. That is why we learn about the power of the energy held in our language when we talk to clients in Level 1 Quantum Touch.

We set the healing space up before we even begin the session through the client’s resonance to our own belief system and how we express that in our language.

The function of the mind in healing

Fascinatingly, the function of the mind is to create coherence between your beliefs and to manifest whatever you believe to be true. The mind simply follows our beliefs as an instruction and creates the outcome physiologically.

In Quantum Touch Level II we learn how to change our beliefs quickly so that we are experiencing a new reality. This has been one of my favourite techniques since Richard Gordon brought out the Level II material and I have used it to great effect.

When enquiring about spontaneous remission Dr Lipton makes a statement that explains what happens in the body.

As fast as you change your perception is as fast as you reprogram the cells. They are reprogrammable and instantaneous.

My beliefs have changed so much since I began using Quantum Touch that everything that may be considered unusual to others, seems totally normal to me. Seeing bones move effortlessly and quickly back into alignment is an example of this.

Richard calls these occurrences “Aha moments” when you know that your perception of what’s possible has changed forever.

Share with others

What was your greatest healing “aha moment”? Please share it in the comments space below. Reading each others amazing healing experiences opens our perceptions collectively about what is possible. The possibilities are infinite with Quantum Touch which is why I am still so excited about this modality.

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