How can Quantum-Touch help with brain conditions?

I have had many medical professionals attend my Quantum-Touch workshops. They have all echoed the same sentiments –  that QT opens up so many new healing possibilities. The ability of the brain to change itself is called neuroplasticity and research into neurogenesis is constantly evolving. What we do know is that like every other condition, the brain is highly affected by stress and consequently responds very well to healing.

Based on the workshops you have attended I have put together some tips below to help you with facilitating healing in this area.

Quantum-Touch Level 1

Your QT1 skills will have given you a brilliant introduction into sensing energy with the Level 1 body sweep. Connecting into your sweep is key to deepening your sense of mental relaxation and “allowing”.

“Allowing” means being a clear vessel for the energy to flow through. When we are stressed we constrict our mind and this has a mirror effect in the body. Therefore our “vessel” becomes smaller and there is less space for the energy to flow through with ease. Our aim is to expand this space and become a larger “pipe” for the energy to move through.

These techniques are particularly helpful with brain conditions:

  • Give healing to the feet. This has a grounding effect and balances out excess energy in the brain.
  • Tripod the occiputs
  • Balance the sutures
  • Sandwich the. heart chakra
  • Sandwich the head and send energy into the entire brain
  • Use the “Julius” techniqueto soften the energy
  • Use the amplified resonance technique to remind the energy to transform
  • Toning has a near-immediate effect on calming the entire system down, which will send the brain the signals to begin repairing itself
  • Balance structure – this will enable the brain to receive more oxygen from the increased breath capacity

Quantum-Touch Level 2

Quantum-Touch Level 2 comes into its own with brain healing. In this workshop we spend an entire session learning brain healing techniques so there are very specific ways to increase the energy flow in the brain if you have this in your skillset.

  • Spend a few minutes in the heart breath and drop deeply into this space.
  • Just doing this alone has been scientifically proven to create heart-brain coherence.
  • Create a Level 2 icon for “a radiantly healthy brain” and energise it using the 33-second technique at frequent times in the day.
  • Use the “energy and essence” technique for optimum brain function to achieve your highest potential.
  • Once the system is given a taste of how this feels, it can begin to produce this state with practice
  • Look up the specific place that the brain condition affects and fill this area with heart energy.
  • Create an icon for the lungs to create more oxygen flow to the brain
  • Offer level 2 heart-to-heart healing to help renew the feeling of safety. This will help send the correct signals needed to turn off fight or flight and return to rest and repair.
  • Give short yet frequent sessions to encourage regular entrainment to this new state



Supercharging is filled with a myriad of ways to bring a higher energy flow to the brain.

Here is a reminder of a session protocol for brain healing:

  • Begin by offering yourself and the client the Supercharging 12 colours present in a healthy cell
  • Give your chakras a boost with the short amplification process
  • Check in with your open your central channel is and increase allowing
  • Place the U-NAN inside the brain in a bubble.
  • Fill the bubble with copper which governs neurological issues and any other of the 12 colours that relate to the person
  • Use the specific Supercharging tone to increase the resonance in the area
  • Place an U-NAN in the heart chakra
  • Give healing to the feet to encourage grounding
  • Use the Elastic Light Bandage technique in the brain to end the session

Combining multiple techniques

If you are lucky enough to have taken all 3 workshops then feel very free to spend time exploring which techniques resonate highest for the person. Some people literally melt into a healing state with the Level 2 energy and some people love flying high into the Supercharging state. You can switch from one set of techniques to another, depending on the energy pattern (refer to the Level 1 handout).

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