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Glastonbury: Chalice Well mineral rich water

I knew that Chalice Well would be a very spiritual and interesting place to hold a Quantum-Touch workshop and this was certainly the case. Being one of Britain’s most ancient wells, people have gathered there for more than 2000 years to drink the water and meditate in the beautiful gardens.

The sun always decides to shine down on Quantum-Touch workshops during the Monday morning distance healing practice as so many of you will know and remember. During the Level 1 workshop in Glastonbury last week we were all delighted when the sun came out to play. This sunshine was a welcome blessing to the group and was a warm invitation to venture into the gardens during the breaks.

The well itself is believed to have been built by the Druids and the water at Chalice Well is believed to have healing properties and “magical powers”. Visitors can still drink the water with the reddish hue today and fill their bottles with the iron and calcium rich waters. One can absolutely taste the minerals that are present in such high quantities in this mystical well.

I decided that having access to this water was a perfect opportunity to create a fun and interesting controlled study of our own, comparing charged tap water, charged well water and including a separate glass in our intent. The changes were obvious in that the taste of the spiritual mineral content had become much more pronounced and the healing aspects had been dramatically enhanced. It was also validating to note that our intent had a positive effect on the other uncharged separate water too as per our intention.

Chalice Well makes for a very sacred workshop space and I am really looking forward to teaching a Level II workshop there on July 1st & 2nd 2012, during summer, when the energy from the gardens can be absorbed in all their splendor and the mystical water from the well can quench our thirst once again!

The inexplicable beauty of the Isle of Avalon will always fuel the magic of the Glastonbury experience, making it a world centre to learn and heal, and a stunning workshop backdrop to the famous Chalice Well.

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