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Gemstone Crystal Water Bottles

When Dr Ashish Narayanker came to the UK to learn QT he introduced me to these beautiful water bottles. In QT we spend some time in the Level 1 workshop charging up our water with QT energy healing. Everyone is always amazed at the taste difference between the regular water and the energy charged one.

Crystals hold energy and each one has its own healing properties. I have often made crystal water remedies and loved the way they make me feel. That is why I was so excited about these special water bottles and immediately put both a Home glass and On the Go plastic bottle on my Birthday present list, which was luckily the following week.

I love my bottles and every sip of water feels like an energised sip. When I received my 2 bottles I was sure to do a few minutes of QT on each one too.

Everywhere I go I am asked where I got my bottles from and they bring a joyful smile to everyone that looks at them. After the 25th person asked me where they could get one and several friends asked to receive one for their birthday, I decided to share them on my website. So here they are!

I hope you love them as much as I do!

Get your fabulous Crystal Water Bottle here

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