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Introducing Quantum Touch to Mumbai, India

When Dr Ashish Narayanker got in touch with me from Mumbai and requested that I teach him QT Level 1  & Level 2, I was delighted to help him on his beautiful quest. He wanted to join me here in the UK with a very specific intention – so he could bring Quantum Touch to his thriving healing centre in Mumbai, India and spread it far and wide there.

3 weeks later we were sat in my garden listening to the birds singing in the sunshine as he learned Quantum Touch. Dr Ashish is a wonderful example of how easily a medically trained Doctor can blend the principles of medicine with the principles of healing. He views healing as being able to help the client in a way that is all encompassing, rather than just symptom based.

I am so delighted to be invited to play a part in sharing Quantum Touch with Dr Ashish so it can launch in Mumbai, India. I know Dr Ashish is going to gain so much joy from sharing it all over the country. I expect there to be “normicles” (miracles becoming normal) arising each day!

This blessing is a true gift from above and I am excited to sit back from afar and watch even more Quantum Touch healings happen on the other side of the world!

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