Can I do this? Can I really help others using energy?

I wanted to address this topic as I have been asked this question several times recently. We all have an innate desire to help each other and somehow over time it has been handed over to those who are “highly qualified” or those who have studied the human body intricately.

Being introduced to the idea and concept that we all have the ability to help each other increase our state of health by attending a 2 day workshop and learning Quantum Touch is exciting, yet for some it feels out of their personal reach.

I have often heard “I want to do this, I believe it works but I am not sure if I can personally do this.” The answer to this question is that when we bring our awareness beyond “I” then we begin to realise that yes we can all do this. When we move beyond “I” we realise that by working with life force energy, we have shifted our own awareness to something way bigger than us as an individual.

Life force energy is the energy that sustains us all and is flowing through us all in each moment. When we learn to direct it in a specific way then anything we are giving our attention to responds. I love demonstrating Quantum Touch because I love seeing people’s jaws drop when they witness hip bones aligning with a light touch and people literally standing significantly taller. What I love even more is seeing people’s jaws drop even more, when they themselves do this within 2 hours of day 1 in the workshop.

If helping others with Quantum Touch seems like an exciting concept it is because, it really is, very exciting. We are defying traditional thought and we are doing it all the time. I have been teaching Quantum Touch for over a decade and I have consistently witnessed people from all walks of life, all ages and all backgrounds, be able to facilitate healing.

We can all do this and we all should do this. It is the most empowering thing in the world to be able to help another person and to help ourselves. We are using the most powerful force of healing that there is…Love. We all have love in our hearts and therefore we can all use Quantum Touch. Being able to balance structure is really quite amazing yet what I find more amazing is the way that we each spiritually evolve as we do this.

I invite you to join me in learning and relearning a set of skills that will enable you to give healing that will amaze you too. Often for many, the hardest part of healing is accepting that it is incredibly easy and that we can all do it.

Sometimes we need a reminder or a refresher about this which is why people repeat the workshops, much like returning to a spa or a wellness centre.

Quantum Touch is so popular for a great reason. If you want to learn how to straighten posture with energy, balance bones and so much more then this is absolutely the workshop for you!

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