Can a total beginner see healing results straight away?

In a word – yes! My Quantum-Touch workshops are filled with people that are highly experienced healing practitioners, experienced meditators, and also people who have never learned any form of healing or meditation before whatsoever.

The beauty of this is that whatever your level of experience  – Quantum-Touch will meet you there. People begin to see healing results straight away and the more you practice in a lighthearted and unattached way, the more the energy flows.

This is why kids are so brilliant at learning healing and they are the perfect example of all that is required to facilitate healing.

Here are the key ingredients:

  • Have fun
  • Be playful
  • Use your imagination
  • Breathe like a baby
  • Trust the process

I recently taught a high energy group the Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop. The participants had varying levels of experience with healing and yet all have jumped right in and witnessed very effective healing take place. Whatever your level of skill – QT simply works wonders!

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