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Bridging the spiritual world with the physical world – The importance of meditating in a physical way

There is a big misconception that in order to attain an enlightened way of living, one has to spend at least an hour each day in meditation. There is a much faster way to achieve a state of high energy, great health and true happiness than trying to quieten the mind. When we spend an hour doing something that is full of joy we naturally glide into a state of mindfulness and our heart becomes filled with light. If you want to maximise the principles of the law of attraction I have one simple task for you.


Spend an hour or better still, a day, doing something that makes you smile, laugh and let go. Better still if you want to really experience miracles, invite your inner child out to play. Your inner child naturally sends masses of healing energy through your body, when you give yourself the chance to play like a child. In this state magic literally happens. I apply this in my own life and it is my number one rule of energy work. This is because all energy work is literally child’s play. To activate our ability to feel and imagine, we must gift ourselves with lots of high energy playtime.

This is why I have created the Hi Chi Live Chakra Fest which is open to everyone!  I have put together an AWESOME day for us to literally heal and balance each Chakra through play. Whilst meditating on each chakra’s vibrance is wonderful, and we will do that too, there is a huge amount to be said about activating a chakra, physically.

For example, the root chakra is about connecting to Mother Earth and being present in our body. The physical transmission of the musical energy of a drum clears blockages in the root chakra effortlessly. In the Hi Chi Chakra Fest we will open our day with an African Djembe drumming circle, taught by a masterful teacher who will guide us into a state of utter joy. Our unified healing intention will take this energy through the roof. This is where the spiritual world and the physical world meet. When we enter into a state of spiritual connection through a physical act such as drumming, we connect to our mind, body and spirit as One.7-chakras

Our life goal is to feel the Universe, spiritually, within the physical world.

The Hi Chi Chakra Fest is a journey through healing the chakras spiritually and physically – as One.

Our Sacral Chakra must express its creative energy, physically in this world. When we express this energy and create something physically, our sacral chakra is filled with healing and light. We ALL have this need to express and when we do, something magical happens to our spirit. It shines and sparkles with light.

In the Hi Chi Chakra Fest we are going to be guided by an amazing lady who will take us on a Mindfulness journey whilst making a mosaic mandala. This experiential way of mindfully and creatively expressing ourselves is a powerful meditation in itself. Regardless of your own level of artistic skill, you will have a space to authentically express yourself. Doing this as a collective holds an immensely high energy. When we put our mandala’s together it looks stunning and we will fill it with healing intention. Each of us will take home our mandala and everytime you look at it, you will be filled with the healing energy of the Hi Chi Collective. The energy in the sacral chakra will move and you will ignite this chakra’s healing ability.

This day is about bringing healing energy into our mind, body and spirit in a physical way. When we do so, we see the Creator’s spark of light in everything we physically do each day. This is the goal of life. This is a Mindfulness training that will reawaken who you are.

This event is inclusive and open to everyone. If you have taken a healing workshop before then you will LOVE this day and if you are new to healing you will equally LOVE this day.

This is a day for your inner child to engage all of your senses, to vivify any latent creativity, to laugh and reconnect to the part of you that knows exactly how to play in the highest of metaphysical states. This is a day to feel the LOVE in your heart as you do so.

The purpose of this day is to balance our Chakras and also to gift you with experiences that will become amazing anchors for you to draw upon in your healing sessions. Hi Chi is very focused on bringing positive experiences to the forefront of your conscious mind. The Hi Chi Chakra Fest is a playground of possibilities for anyone that loves healing and energy work.

You will heal and fully balance your chakras whilst having so much FUN that your energy will be sky high and you will be in a high energy state where the LAW of ATTRACTION works for you effortlessly.

I invite you to come and play the day away with me – it is going to be AWESOME!


Heart Love and Lonliness

Hi CHi Chakra Fest Line up

  • Healing Drumming Circle
  • Mindful Qi Gong
  • Mindful Mosaic Mandala making
  • Writing, colour & art with Hi Chi
  • Opening to the healing power of the Sun
  • Solar plexus Hi Chi confidence meditation
  • Opening the Heart chakra with Hi Chi
  • Hi Chi Self Healing and healing others with your LOVE
  • Opening the throat chakra with sound, voice and laughter
  • Hi Chi 3rd eye mindfulness meditation
  • Feeling into your intuition and insights
  • Balancing your 3rd eye energy
  • Surrendering to the Universe
  • Healing with Hi Chi together as One Collective

The result? You will walk away with balanced Chakras that allow you to be fully in your body and experience the world in a state of love, balance and serenity. Balancing your chakras is so grounding and also opens up your ability to use your higher centres too. To be truly happy we need all our Chakras to be balanced.

To be a state of physical, mental and spiritual harmony we require our chakras to be fully balanced with energy flowing through each one. This is the ultimate gift to YOU!


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