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BBC shows Mindfulness in Schools on breakfast TV!

The times are certainly changing…

The BBC timed yesterday’s breakfast TV interview with a head teacher who practices Mindfulness as do all the teachers and students in her school, with the Annual Mindfulness in School Conference in London.

I was delighted to attend this conference with 750 people consisting mainly of many school teachers, scientists, mental health professionals, MPs, youth and social sector workers and of course – school children.

It was an incredibly inspiring day with the amazing Profesor Jon Kabat – Zin who is both loved and respected globally for spending 30 years pioneering Mindfulness practice in the West as a stress reduction program offered in hospitals, medical centres and health organisations.

We also heard from teachers who have introduced this to their London schools, Professor Willem Kuyken who is responsible for The Mindfulness in Schools research agenda and MP Chris Ruane speaking passionately about how teaching Mindfulness plays a valid and important role in both the treatment and prevention of shocking mental health statistics.

Chris Cullen and Richard Burnett have done a fantastic job of creating an accessible syllabus for communicating these very easy techniques for young people to use to manage their stress and learn a life long health practice. One of the techniques that they are taught and that was taught to the audience is how to drop into the body and sense the energy in their hands, a technique all QTers will be very pleasantly familiar with.

A favourite way they convey this message to young people is by calling it a .B moment. .B stands for “Pause, breathe and just be…”. It can be used to ease exam nerves, in times of stress at home and also before competing in sports. They are encouraged to take regular .B’s and have a moment for themselves to experience the moment mindfully.

The highlight of the day was hearing the young people from primary through to secondary stand confidently on the stage (using mindfulness to keep them centered) and tell a large audience how these techniques have dramatically improved their lives. There were young people from varying socio economic backgrounds and schools and the consensus was consistent regardless – daily mindfulness practice in school brings greater happiness and calm to all. At the end of the day Jon Kabat – Zinn rushed off to a meeting at No 10 to discuss the importance of these practices in schools.

The Mindfulness practice in schools connects so beautifully to Quantum Touch because by training so many young people to move their awareness through their body they are laying the foundation for the body sweep that we use, which is the very first step in Quantum Touch in learning how to facilitate enjoyable and profound healing for ourselves and others.

This excites me because it shows just how much we have moved forward. With Quantum Touch for Kids on the way I believe that we will be seeing a new and young generation of highly proficient healers who were introduced to these concepts from such a young age that society will become much more peaceful and loving. I am delighted to be writing this program with Quantum Touch and look forward to it launching in 2013. Can you imagine teaching young people how easy it is to move bones back into place with energy and the effect this will have on their worldview of what is possible? I can’t wait to see their faces when they realise what they can do!

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