Why it is a life changing skill to be able to realign bones with energy?

Posted on Saturday 14th July, 2018 at 11:43 am

Karina Grant Example of bones re-aligning with Quantum Touch

When I am asked to demonstrate what I “do” I always revert to what I call “the QT party trick” which is balancing bones with energy.

This is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser because it is so unheard of and such a unique sight!

I have done this in front of small groups and also large crowds. I have also demonstrated QT aligning bones at Corporate Wellness talks including at the British Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. The reactions are always total amazement which gives a real sense of a paradigm shift in the room.

In QT we always measure the hip bones (at eye level) to see which side is higher and then begin using the QT techniques. Mostly within a few minutes, the person will have felt a shift and the people watching the demonstration will have also visibly seen a shift too. The person will be standing straighter, look taller and more centred in their body.

There is another reason that I feel privileged to have this skill. When a person is structurally aligned it means that their energy can flow much more freely. There are entire healing modalities that focus solely on balancing the spine, with a view that this will also correct all health conditions.

When I first began QT and gave healing to my Dad, the place I worked on most was his shoulder blades. I could clearly see they were out of alignment and the more they balanced, the more his health would improve. It was quite astounding. I spent weeks simply working on balancing his hips and shoulder blades. The effects of this were far-reaching and he experienced improvements in many of his MSA symptoms. Months later when his diagnosis changed to regular Parkinson’s (a lot better a diagnosis!), I knew that his structural rebalancing had played a big part in this change.

Each vertebra in the spine corresponds to the neighbouring physical places in the body and also to specific emotional responses. Spending a healing session entirely on sending energy through the spine has the effect of giving the entire body a healing. All the cells in the body become energised.

If you were to give or receive a healing each week that only focused on balancing your structure you would be in a regular state of embodiment and balance. Regardless of what the label of the condition is, everyone will benefit from having their bones realigned. I would recommend doing this for absolutely everyone – multiple times.

I am always asked, “how long will the bones stay aligned for?”

The answer to this is it depends on the person and also how long they have had the misalignment for. Recent issues are highly malleable and are not yet set in their ways. Having said that I have seen long-standing issues heal in one session too. It is also very much about how aligned the emotions are with moving forward. Self Created Health is very powerful at inspiring an emotional shift too.

The Supercharging and Level 2 techniques tend to have much more long-lasting effects and in shorter time frames than Level 1. This is one of the benefits of having advanced healing skills in your toolbox. Supercharging teaches you new ways to really pinpoint your focus into a central space and hold a supercharged energy there and Level 2 enables you to work on several places at once. I tend to switch between the techniques of Level 1, Supercharging and Level 2 which makes for a vibrant healing session.

The short answer to the question “what can bone alignment help with?”, is…absolutely everything. This is a tool to be used with every and any condition, both physical and emotional. As your left and right side come into a state of balance, it has a very calming effect throughout your mind, body and spirit. Both sides begin to play as a team. Internal chit chat becomes slower and breathing instantly expands.

If you have learned any of the QT skills then spend a moment now giving yourself Self Healing on your hip bones. Notice how much more grounded you feel instantly. Balance your hips, shoulder blades and occiputs every day and see how your mindset changes too!

Tip: Even when giving self-healing and distant healing ensure your hands are soft and your arms are relaxed. Imagine you are holding your hips with the same gentleness as if you were giving healing to a baby. See how much more quickly the bones align…

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