Why focus on YOU when giving Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch flips the traditional therapeutic approach on its head.

Many schools of thought teach the therapist or practitioner to create a rapport with the client by mirroring the client. This can include mirroring body language, verbal language, and creating a space for the person to feel understood. This can be called “meeting the person at their level” which definitely will establish a rapport.

Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks about mirror neurons which I find fascinating. Mirror neurons allow us to learn by imitating others around us. This is how children learn and we can observe this phenomenon in our social interactions with others.

In Quantum-Touch we learn about resonance and entrainment. Although it is taught from a healing perspective, once you understand these principles they will change your life – in all areas.

In Quantum-Touch the practitioner always keeps the focus on themselves. Rather than making a concerted effort to connect to the client, we focus exclusively on raising our own personal vibration. The Quantum-Touch Level 1 body sweep teaches us to continually engage with our body. I find that having an awareness of both the interior and also the exterior of my body naturally brings me into the present moment.

This continued state of presence sends messages to the brain that this is a new moment. It creates space for a new set of physiological responses to occur. As there is a break in our habituated thought patterns, our brain receives signals to respond to the present moment rather than the past. Quantum-Touch creates this space by default. When we sweep and breathe we return to our body. We step out of our internal chatter and mindfully move our attention back to where we reside.

In Supercharging we continue sweeping ourselves and keeping the focus on us. As we bring in all the high energy techniques we become an even clearer, natural mirror for the client to entrain to. We always bring the focus back to us.

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 we take this principle even further as we learn how to view everything around us from the Heart Chakra.

By raising and expanding our own personal vibration throughout the session we create a new space for the other person to experience themselves within. This is when the healing begins to happen and it is also why when we give healing, we receive healing too.

This is why so many people report that their own health and wellbeing improves so much just by giving healing to others!

How has Quantum-Touch changed your life and health?

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