What makes Quantum Touch so powerful?

Recently a few people have asked me what sets Quantum Touch apart from other techniques so I thought I would answer this question in a blog post.

Whilst there are now countless variations of energy therapies which are all essentially working with the same malleable essence, I feel that with Quantum Touch we have entered into a more exciting realm than previously known.

Throughout the session the Quantum Touch Practitioner uses specific techniques to continuously elevate their frequency and vibration. Although this can be experienced as a meditative state, there is no “rest” period where the practitioner is not fully engaged in the process. As a result of the frequency constantly rising the energy never stagnates and the possibilities continue to expand relatively.

Often, although the client has come for a health issue they come back and tell me of a financial gain that materialised unexpectedly, a connection they made with a like-minded person or some other uplifting experience they have had. This is because when we raise our vibration, we do so completely and therefore it is not just our body that responds accordingly, but our whole self too.

With this in mind it is also extremely important to note that when using Quantum Touch techniques the practitioner will never be influenced or drained by what is going on with the client. I have had several experienced practitioners from other modalities tell me during workshops how pleased they are to be learning a structured framework that teaches this. By incorporating Quantum Touch into their treatments, massage and other therapists are energised rather than tired at the end of the day because they use the breathing techniques and aren’t using their own energy.

Rather than tapping into other dimensions, planes, paradigms or going into an altered state, in Quantum Touch we simply use the energy that is all around us, using specific breathing techniques as a foundation to increase and allow it to take new form. As a result, giving and receiving Quantum Touch is as grounding as it is enlightening.

Another benefit that makes Quantum Touch stand-alone is the ability to also use it as a first aid tool that can instantly help with all manner of things from injuries and pains to nosebleeds and burns. It is such a versatile therapy which is reflected by the diversity of people that attend the workshops, all wanting to learn this skill for different reasons. This also makes the workshops fun and varied, and many friendships are formed on the basis of this.

The benefit of using such a system is that the energy penetrates in a very clear, fast and direct way and the possibilities are literally infinite. It is used very effectively for self healing and lots of people that have been involved in the healing arts for many years report that Quantum Touch allows them to access a much higher frequency with faster results.

This is just a taste of why Quantum Touch is currently viewed by many as one of the most exciting and powerful energy therapies there is in the world today.

The next workshop in London is taking place on 17th & 18th May 2009.

For more information and to register your interest please click here:

Places are limited and this event is expected to sell out quickly!

“Karina is extremely tuned into her students and her subject. I already work with energy and am very excited about how I plan to incorporate Quantum Touch with my practice, and with my family. I got a lot out of the workshop and one thing that stands out is how grounded the workshop was while running such a high frequency energy.”
Martha Smythe, EMF Practitioner

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