What is the difference between Reiki and Quantum Touch?

This is a question that I am frequently asked by people and in particular Reiki practitioners who are interested in Quantum Touch and furthering their journey into energy healing.

To begin with there are no attunements or symbols used in Quantum Touch. Quantum Touch energy healing is based on specific breathing and body awareness techniques. These techniques allow the Quantum Touch practitioner to powerfully focus and amplify CHI (or life-force energy).

Reiki practitioners are considered a channel for the energy to flow through, in QT the practitioner simply uses a series of techniques to raise their own energy to an extraordinarily high level so the process is internally very active. The client then entrains to and mirrors this high frequency and their own natural healing process kicks in. For bones to move back into alignment and chronic conditions to heal, the frequency needs to reach a very high vibration which it does easily with Quantum Touch.

Aligning bones with Quantum TouchThe combination of techniques used in Quantum Touch allow this high vibrational process to happen very naturally with speed and ease. By lunchtime on the first day of a Level 1 workshop students learn how to balance hips using a very light touch.

We work with the universal laws of resonance and entrainment – the body is the most underrated form of intelligence that exists on the planet. When the right energetic conditions are created, the body can return to balance on all levels.

QT is a system that can be easily learned by absolutely anyone. It allows those who have started their journey into healing with Reiki, to dramatically enhance and deepen their ability to work with the body at a very profound level.

Quantum-Touch seamlessly combines with Reiki to improve the outcome of healing sessions and was once described to me by a Reiki Master as “Reiki on steroids”..!

I have had many Reiki Masters attend the workshops, several of whom have been so delighted with how easily Quantum Touch turbo boosts their Reiki that they have become QT instructors themselves!

Read what other Reiki practitioners are saying about Quantum Touch:

I felt Karina’s guidance and tuition was first class. I now have a much greater energy flow and will use it in the stuck aspects of my life.K.B, Reiki Master – London

I didn’t realise how shallow my breathing was until this workshop. At the end of the day I noticed my breathing had changed and I am much more aware now to keep “deepening” my breathing through the day – and what a difference! I will use this for self healing and meditation.

Maria Gatinho, London – Reiki Practitioner

Karina was a delight and extremely knowledgeable. One of the very best workshops I have been on. A brilliant example on how to run a workshop. Thank you!Victor Kendal, UK – Energy Medicine, Reconnective healing, The Reconnection, Quantum Touch, Alkalizing & Detox program, Scenar and Laser therapy, RIFEtherapy, Energy Frequency therapy, BodyTalk, Bodytalk Access, Mindscape, EFT, Reiki, Energy & Meridian therapies.

This was one of the best workshops I have attended. Everything was explained in a clear and concise way. The energy was very high for the duration of the workshop and we had fun.Natalie Wylupek, Scotland – Reiki practitioner, Bio energy healing and energy therapist

QT and Reiki go hand in hand together and compliment each other really well.C.H, London – Reiki Practitioner

I really enjoyed the workshop and got so much out of it. Having great fun with the energy over the last 2 days, especially the toning and think that is an area I will look into further. My sister’s sciatica flared up really badly yesterday funnily enough, so I sent her energy this morning for an hour and she practically jumped out of bed so that is fantastic.Marisa OMahony, Ireland – Reiki Practitoner

Karina is clear, interesting and a great teacher. I am overwhelmed by how clear this technique is, it’s simple, effective and empowering. I plan to use it regularly for work and pleasure. Thanks so much Karina, you are a true inspiration! Amazing!Maxine Anders, Israel – Acupuncturist, EFT Practitioner, EMF Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner

Karina is an excellent teacher who loves to teach. The workshop was excellent value. A simple and powerful new way to provide healing. I will use the breathing technique for meditation and to charge my energy. I will also experiment with various ways of using QT creatively.D.S, London – Reiki Master

Karina is very knowledgeable and patient. She has a great energy about her and is a very passionate presenter. I will use QT to give energy to situations and keep a positive focus in my thoughts as energy follows thought.Scott Bethel, Kent – Retail Manager, Physic healer and Reiki Master

The workshop was well lead and clearly taught. I gained the understanding of how the breath work enhanced life force energy.T.B, Windsor – Reiki Master, NFSH healer

Karina is very knowledgeable with a great personality. It’s been an enjoyable experiment. The use of energy with QT has no limits. I’ll definitely practice the breathing on a daily basis and hopefully it will become natural. I’ll also definitely combine it with Reiki to use on my friends/family.G.S, Research Scientist – London

Karina is both professional and kind. I think I got so much out of the workshop! The most important thing was finding out how to boost and enhance the energy coming out from my hands! I already did Reiki but in QT the breathing makes all the difference.Paulo Franco, Portugal – Energy therapist

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