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What are the most common blocks to healing

In Quantum Touch we learn about letting go of attachment to outcome. This is a healing principle that applies to every area of our life. Once we master this we overtake the slow moving traffic and move into a much clearer pathway, giving us a smoother ride through life.

Our mind’s like to think they know best. Our Spirit knows better than that and yet when things don’t go our way we can easily find ourselves gripping onto what we thought should have happened, yet never did.

The Universe is working in a perfect divine order. We are part of that order and the more we become part of the Whole by moving in harmony with the Universal flow, the happier we become.

At the end of a healing session, we obviously want to be celebrating people’s physical and emotional triumphs. However what we don’t see with our conscious mind is that each exchange of loving, healing energy is indeed a triumph in its own right. The magical healing that takes place happens at a subatomic level. Our job is to experience our happiness as part of the giving of healing, rather than just the receiving of a perceived outcome of healing.

It is a learning curve that we all go through. A surfer gets pleasure from riding the ocean’s waves and once we settle into surfing the waves of energy in a healing session, and enjoying the journey, we too become one with the sea of consciousness.

Tip: At the beginning of a healing session set an intention to have as spiritually, emotionally and physically uplifting a time as can be. A huge part of our goal as a practitioner is to have an uplifting session. This is considered success and as you let go of this, you will witness even greater healing results. Letting go of attachment is another way of saying trust the Universe and this always precedes a fantastic outcome.

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