Video of healing arthritis naturally with Quantum Touch

I taught another Quantum Touch workshop this weekend and was so inspired by the energy of the group. I love the diversity of people that I meet through Quantum Touch and this was highlighted this weekend. The group included an Oncology nurse, previous midwife, nurse and current acupuncturist, farmer, former Relate couples therapist, hypnotherapist, senior care manager for an entire borough and holistic therapists all learning Quantum Touch together.

Stevie Woodhouse, company director of Ultimate Clarity and wellbeing therapist was in this workshop, and went straight to work on his Mother as soon as the workshop had finished. He contacted me excitedly that evening to share the photos and video of his Mother’s amazing healing experience. Arthritis is such a common condition and Quantum Touch is natural and easy to learn. Well done to Stevie and his Mum! I encourage everyone to try Quantum Touch on all conditions – you will be amazed at the results that happen when we dive straight in. Please continue to send me your healing stories, we all love reading them and if you have photos and video then all the better!

After returning home on the evening of the final day my mother mentioned the pain that she had in her left hand due to her arthritis. Her fingers where scrunched up and bent with allot of inflammation on some joints. I started QT for only 10 minutes and during this time her fingers started to stretch out and straighten !! She sensed a very strong pulling sensation throughout her arm and hand. We both witnessed the inflammation and lumps on her fingers and disappear within minutes… This was truly amazing to watch as she could completely move her fingers and straighten them for the first time in years !! This experience it self totally “sold” QT for me.
Don’t doubt getting yourself on a course !! Its been a wonderful experience for me.

I have gained so many techniques while on the workshop Level one, it has given me all the basic tools to perform Quantum Touch. I now have a increased level of confidence. I experienced many different physical and emotional shifts while on the workshop, more so emotional blockages where very apparent and cleared. I helped others do the same and had very positive feedback from these people even after the workshop. I have made some wonderful friends and are looking forward to seeing them on Level two in a few weeks.

Karina was very professional with her soft and compassionate approach to teaching. She made sure that everyone understood the coursework and worked through every module in detail.. I can totally recommend her workshops in Quantum Touch.
I will be completing all my levels and other courses with her. Very happy !!

Wishing you Love , Light & Innerpeace from Stevie !! 21.10.2014

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