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The Power of Consistency

When I do open a healing centre in the future, I am going to call it The Energy Gym. I have used this expression for years now because I feel that being in a consistent healing state is as important as going to the gym. In the same way that completing a marathon does not mean we are fit for life, attending a healing workshop also requires an additional regular practice.

When people ask me how long will it take for a healing to take place, I always say “when the higher frequency sticks and becomes the dominant energy.” This is where the power of a consistent practice stands in its own light.

The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your rituals.

Tony Robbins

When we make the space in our day for a consistently energising practice, we are literally training and retraining ourselves to subtly adjust into a higher frequency.

This can take some time and so it is important to maintain a space where you are allowing yourself to entrain to a higher state. The brain takes time to adjust and register that you are in a new state of calm. At first anything that feels unfamiliar (even if it feels better) can provoke a feeling of uncertainty in the body and mind. We literally need to retrain our brains to rewire into a happier state and it can take some time for this to happen.

The good news is that the consistent energy of momentum allows this to build and create a strong field of energy within you.

I am often asked why we need to repeat a Level 1 workshop to become a QT practitioner. After the person has actually repeated the workshop they always tell me they now “get it”.

Each time we revisit our healing tools we reintegrate our skills at a deeper level. I have had people retake the workshops half a dozen times simply to remain in a high vibration. I invite you to keep yourself connected into a daily/weekly/monthly practice that keeps your energy high. This is the key to holding a steady state of high energy and also moving yourself into a higher space. This is also why I created the Quantum Touch practice audio recordings.

Consistency when practising healing and meditation is a magic key to a happier and healthier life.

Make sure that whichever QT practice recording, meditation or healing practice you choose brings you joy and makes you feel good. With healing my view is that – if it feels good, then it is good! And… at a higher level… it’s all good 🙂

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