The New Human Movie

It’s all magic until it’s science

In this exciting video Richard Gordon begins by addressing students in the University of Hong Kong about the amazing effect that Quantum Touch Level 2 has on bone alignment. Richard also talks about his quest to provide empirical evidence showing how easy it is to adjust structure with QTL2. After exploring various ways of measuring a person before and after receiving QT, particularly on areas covered in depth in Level 2 such as sphenoid bone, occiputs and C7, Richard finally begins scanning people’s results. The images show clear shifts and are a good beginning towards having preliminary evidence of what we are all doing.


One of my favourite points in the short video is Richard talking about the most impacting healings coming from the ability to drop into a state of love deeply and quickly.

Quantum Touch Level 2 is based on that principle and the beauty of it is that it is something we are all born to do which is what makes it such an easy and basic way to apply healing. We are all here with a ready made healing reserve which exists right within the centre of our hearts. In Level 2 we learn how to specifically target it towards areas of the body that create the biggest shifts.  I find the biggest shift that people have with this is getting used to the fact that healing is so easy!

Probably the most important new publication in the world. A life transforming book that changes everything.

Cecilia L.W. Chan, PhD, Founding Director, Centre on Behavioral Health, The University Of Hong Kong

Enjoy the video!

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