The importance of exchanging healing sessions

One of the first principles we learn about in Quantum Touch is “When we give a healing, we get a healing”. As soon as we are in our flow and raising our vibration for someone else to entrain too, we also receive the innate benefit of that. Many practitioners find their own health improve dramatically when they give QT regular sessions.

With that in mind it is also so important to remember to give and also receive. As a practitioner it is so easy to simply continue the practice of giving, without taking the time and space to also receive a session.

Something profound happens when we also receive QT. We let go and allow ourselves to experience a taste of what our clients are feeling. This in itself is a powerful way to affirm the level of healing that we are offering to others. It reminds us of the power of our love, and of what we are doing.

September 8th – Spaces are limited – book now

Modern life can be fast paced and it is an act of Self Love to consistently create a regular space to receive the gift of resonating into someone else’s high vibrational field of energy.

Create a healing community

My big dream is to be able to offer a divine healing space for us to all congregate in frequently and share healings. One day soon I pray this will happen. In the meantime and because we are all located in various places, I want to re-invite you to contact people on my Facebook group and the QT Facebook group. Reconnect with those in your previous QT workshops. Find local practice partners and also people to Skype with. Repeat workshops if you feel like refreshing your skills. Keep sharing. Keep giving and receiving. Receiving enables Giving.

The scientific research about the power of community is mind-blowing. Community life is the antidote to loneliness. Studies show that strong communities live longer, have healthier brains, stronger immune systems and much more. That is why group healing always magnifies the power of a healing session.

If you are interested in a Sunday QT healing practice and community exchange session from 10.30 – 4.30pm in London on the 8th September, please click here to book your space.

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