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The final countdown of 2012

Hello everyone,

So it has finally arrived…the much awaited and long talked about December 2012..!

12.12.12 was the first of two important dates and the second being 21st December 2012. Having recently taught at the Power of 3 Mind Body Sprit Festworkshop we were privileged to hear Gina Batt give an amazing talk about the planetary shifts about to take place. Gina showcased how this new alignment will raise us all to a higher level of vibration.

We all powerfully set intentions as a group using various processes to be affirmed between 12.12.12 and the 21.12.12. For those that didn’t make it on Saturday this is the exact time to be affirming what you wish to experience after the shift takes place.

We will have a much higher level of access to the upper realms and everyone will be holding a higher vibration. I believe that part of the change will be a shift in people’s desires where we wish for others what we wish for ourselves and the global focus will be on Love, unity and connection. There will gradually be a realisation that true and lasting happiness can only come from this place and this will lead to healing and energy therapies becoming commonplace and widely known about.

I for one am incredibly excited about this and am ready and waiting to be part of it!

What do you wish to create? Set an intention and write it below this post, when you set your intent, also intend and hold a space for everyone’s else’s intentions on there.

I would also love to read your most memorable healing experiences, results and stories using Quantum Touch too. Please post them there too!

Have a wonderful festive season and sending you all tremendous love, light and gratitude for an amazing year of healing and learning together.

Bring on 2013 – let’s make it a Quantum Year!


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