Synchronicity – when the Director of Education at UCLH emails you…

When something is meant to happen for us – it will. When we are meant to meet someone – we do. Have you ever had one “random” event lead you into a whole sequence of events that became a profound experience? 

One day I received an email from a very lovely lady called Jemma at Solar Events. Jemma was the creator of a personal development events company and she had found me online whilst looking for new presenters and teachers. Jemma invited me to present at her Discovery Day seminar alongside some other popular speakers.

With nearly 200 people in the room, it was a very high-energy event and I was thrilled that so many people signed up to learn Quantum-Touch after my one-hour presentation and demonstration.

One of the people to sign up was Rosena Johnston, formally the UK Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and part of the UK Athletics medical team for Paralympic games in Sydney. Rosena and I had an immediate synergy and both of us shared a vision of bringing Quantum-Touch energy healing into mainstream medical services.

Rosena was a member of an incredibly progressive and compassionate organisation called The College of Medicine. It is chaired by Dr. Michael Dixon LVO, OBE, MA, FRCGP, who amongst many other prestigious titles is also Medical Advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales.

Rosena kindly invited me as her guest to The College of Medicine’s annual event opposite Regents Park in London, a room filled with incredibly inspiring speakers and pioneers in healthcare. 

Meeting one of England’s greatest NHS changemakers

One of the speakers that literally had me on the edge of my seat was the late Professor Aidan Halligan, MA MD FRCOG FFPHM MRCPI FRCC.

“Aidan’s talents and expertise were formidable. During his lifetime he held positions as a Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Director of Education at University College Hospital London (UCLH), Director of Clinical Governance for the NHS, and was the youngest Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England.”


Aidan held such a hugely powerful position and was an NHS leader entirely driven by patient-led care. The death of a homeless man outside UCLH in London drove him to set up Pathway, an independent charity focused on providing expert healthcare to vulnerable people. 

Speaking about having the authority to create changes he said “You Get Your Authority from How Much You Care”.

You could hear a pin drop when Aidan spoke and to this day he was one of the most empowering change makers that I have ever heard speak.

At the end of his talk I felt compelled to approach this inspiring Professor and tell him how captivating his talk was. The room was filled with medical professionals and he asked me what type of medicine I practiced.

I replied with a smile saying that I practice an energy healing modality called Quantum-Touch. Aidan’s reaction floored me as he said “Wonderful! Do you have a card?”

I handed this eminent professor my purple card with a picture of the Chakras on it and he thanked me, told me to keep up my great work, and continued to talk to the others queuing up to meet him. 

The next morning I was thrilled to receive an email from the Director of Education at UCLH – Professor Aidan Halligan.

Aidan said what I teach sounded fascinating and that he would like to know more about how I work with vulnerable people. 

This sparked my interest in how I could truly bring my skills to people that I would not usually access and teach them what I know. Aidan introduced me to the Director of Pathway, who in turn introduced me to Athol Halle.

Athol was CEO of Groundswell at the time, a large charity that delivers groundbreaking services to homeless people in Westminster, London. 

Athol also had a pioneering vision of how new healthcare education could improve vulnerable people’s lives. I delivered training sessions to his incredible staff – many of whom had previously experienced homelessness. 

During the first lockdown, I contacted Athol to see how his team was getting on. Athol had moved on to become the CEO for The Trust for Developing Communities. His staff were heavily relied on for many health-related services and were under a lot of pressure. I delivered an online session to the entire organisation and Athol was also able to share the HI CHI Mindfulness free phone line that I created, to his teams that help people without access to smartphones.

One lady attending the talk was so inspired that she has attended several Quantum-Touch workshops with me and became a practitioner. 

All of these events were the synchronistic result of meeting Rosena after I received a “random” email from Jemma at Solar Events. How do we attract this type of email? By simply being open and keeping our energy as high as possible – using all the techniques we learn in the Quantum-Touch workshops!

Generally, I have found that when our energy is high, situations that are in our highest interests, will find us – especially when it benefits others.

I invite you to come and learn, refresh and keep yourself within the high energy of the Quantum-Touch techniques!

It is a joy to teach in organisations that are sharing cutting-edge healthcare tools. This is the most effective way to create a better world for us all to live in.

“Karina has done a range of work with Groundswell to help us make the organisation a ‘healthier place to work’ this has all been very well received and has made big impact on the organisation.

I would strongly recommend Karina – she had a really beneficial influence on Groundswell to help us not only deliver work that improves the health of our clients, but also ensures that our staff and volunteers improve their health.”

Athol Halle, Former CEO of Groundswell  – Supporting homeless people in London

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