Sharing a stage with Brandon Bays at The Holistic Business & Wellbeing Summit

I am a huge advocate of any healing modalities that teach people how to understand the mind/body link. I first heard of Brandon Bays work after taking my Tony Robbins seminars in 2001. I read her amazing book and had a few sessions with one of her practitioners.

I have always considered Brandon Bays to be an inspired teacher in the realm of healing and I was therefore absolutely delighted to be invited to be a speaker at a special event, where she will headline the day and we will share a stage.

Solar Events have put together The Holistic Business & Wellbeing Summit!

Brandon will be talking about how she built her business and “The Journey”, her globally recognised, transformational methodology and book.

The Holistic Business Summit has been created for those who are continuously discovering how much you want to make a difference in the world.

That is why Jemma from Solar Events got in touch with me. She has invited me to speak about my new modality called Hi Chi. Hi Chi is literally about making the maximum impact in the world as a Hi Chi Health Coach. This day is about bringing spirituality and career together into the same realm.

There are some incredible speakers lined up – some are healers, some are millionaires and all have one thing in common – they are all here to help with your personal journey and your business.

So do come and join us – one thing I know from all the events I have been a part of – we will attract the most incredible people and it is always a huge amount of fun!

Well, as you probably know… THIS IS HAPPENING IN SEPTEMBER.

Tickets aren’t officially on sale yet, but for now you can get your name on the priority notification list. If you wish to be notified when the tickets go on sale please register here:

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