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Quantum Touch sponsors new Martial Arts movie!

On one crazily hot London night in July I was destined to meet an amazing lady called Gulrukh Khan who has since become a fast friend and also an amazing inspiration.

Gul attended my Quantum Touch energy healing demonstration in central London and we had an instant connection. After spending time together giving her several powerful sessions of QT and talking as if we had known each other for several lives, I learned that Gul is actually an award winning international film director. We manifested each other at a perfect time for both and as a result I instigated Quantum Touch becoming a sponsor of her latest thought provoking movie “Spirit2Power”.

“Spirit2Power” is an incredibly evocative journey into the spirit and energy of martial arts. It explores the universal principles of martial arts being about unity, oneness and that if you want to make a change around you, you must first make the change within. The film aims to portray martial arts in a totally wholistic way and inspire everyone, including those who are physically challenged, to get involved as an active discipline for mind, body and spirit.

Filmed in powerful locations to include the ley lines of Glastonbury, some of the most esteemed world champions and experts are featured in the film. There is also completely new research into the energy field and how it connects into the practice of martial arts.

I absolutely love the message of healing the spirit through martial arts. I highly recommend Spirit2Power and am delighted to be part of increasing awareness about how martial arts is an active physical form of energy work and how it can naturally connect to Quantum Touch energy healing.

Take a look at “Spirit2Power” and join their facebook page. Share the excitement of this documentary with your network.

Having taught Quantum Touch to many martial artists I have seen firsthand how enthusiastic they always are about Quantum Touch and how the two systems can be so harmonious.

With the recent excitement of the Olympics and Paralympics, I am delighted that Quantum Touch is sponsoring such a dynamic and important film. It is my intent that though this movie the younger generation are introduced to the discipline of martial arts and energy work from the earliest age. With that in mind it is also important to state that both are equally accessible for all ages.

The film will be launched at later this year 2012 before going on general release later in the year.

Quantum Touch and I are delighted to be a sponsor of Spirit2Power and to share the same space with such a conscious film maker.


I also enjoyed learning about Gul’s previous work including finding out that she recently received the award for ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the 2012 Moondance Film Festival in New York for her series “Blue Velvet in Sinai”, a heart warming love story between a man and a solitary dolphin.

Best Documentary Feature' at the 2012 Moondance Film Festival

This series explores the human relationship with dolphins and marine life with 2010 Oscar Winner Ric O’Barry (from Best Documentary ‘The Cove’), and world experts. The story delves into dolphin healing vibrations, dolphin intelligence, dolphin captivity, swimming with wild dolphins and the effects of global warming and tourism on the oceans of the world.

Watch the www.bluevelvetinsinai.com online, and also join the facebook page.

It is a beautiful and eye opening series and shows how there is still a need for humans to develop a greater understanding and respect for all of the Earth’s creatures.

Yet again we see how connected all of Earth’s inhabitants are and how important it is to honour, love and notice each other, and the natural healing that takes place when we do.

I highly recommend that QT’ers draw on the beautiful footage to raise their own vibrations during QT healing sessions!

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