Quantum-Touch in Van Gogh’s digital art exhibition in London

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

Vincent Van Gogh

I recently went to the immersive Van Gogh exhibition in London. It is a 360-degree digital art exhibition, created to give you the feeling of stepping into the Universe of the Dutch genius’s hypnotic paintings. 

As I sat on a deckchair viewing Van Gogh’s art as a 360-degree projection, reading his inspiring quotes floating dreamily across the “walls”, in the midst of a sensory light and sound display, I instantly knew that I was in a unique place to give myself Quantum-Touch.

I began running the energy using the Level 1 techniques. As Van Gogh’s famous quotes about love floated across his paintings, I moved my focus to the Quantum-Touch Level 2 heart centred techniques. Hundreds of stars danced and sparkled on the ceiling and I literally felt like I was inside a magical painting. 

Giving self-healing in any enhanced setting amplifies the energy enormously. I highly recommend taking yourself off to your favourite nature spot, art gallery and/or live music space to gift yourself healing there. Being in places that we love elevates the healing so much. The best part is that the more of these experiences that we create, the more memories we have to draw upon in our healing sessions, that raise our energy. This is a fun way of actively cultivating a higher energy flow.

Energy healing can be a totally creative pursuit when you approach it in this way. Each session is a blank canvas waiting to be infused and coloured in with your Quantum-Touch techniques. 

Energy follows Thought

Our mind cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real in this moment. Wherever your mind is – that is where you are.

Try it now? Use a Quantum-Touch breath whilst taking yourself to a previous magical moment. How do you instantly feel? This is one way to change our energy within seconds.

Many sages have famously said that by taking care of this moment now, the moments that follow will take care of themselves.

I love arranging a Quantum-Touch adventure in a place where I know the energy will already be flowing, high and creative. As I run the energy there (even for a few minutes), my library of Quantum experiences grows and a higher level of entrainment is available to me, which I love sharing with others in my healing sessions and workshops.

Where would you love to give yourself healing? Imagine it now…

The best way to know life is to love many things

Vincent Van Gogh

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