Meet Denise – Both Quantum-Touch and healing have helped her with Parkinson’s and Osteoporosis in a life-changing way.

Denise is an absolutely incredible lady who I have had the privilege of giving Quantum-Touch to. Denise has Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis. In her spare time, she is a singer in a acoustic band and she is one of life’s truly magical people. When she first came to see me in Central London she was being “pulled” towards one side, whilst arriving with a walking stick. After giving her Quantum-Touch for over an hour we witnessed her body naturally start to adjust itself. Read Denise’s healing story in her own words and watch the videos of her performing on stage after her Quantum-Touch sessions!

‘A bit of background ‘: Deciding to seek help from Karina – the information we gave her

“I recently learned about Quantum-Touch and had been looking for a practitioner of this form of healing, hoping that I might get some help in straightening my spine which has been damaged by osteoporotic fractures and vertebral collapses. My osteoporosis was exacerbated by chemotherapy for breast cancer – which I am delighted to say I overcame in  2006.

My husband, Alan,  found your website and having read the history of your own initial connection with learning Quantum-Touch to help your Father with Parkinson’s, you might be interested to know that I also have Parkinson’s (the ‘tremulous’ type) diagnosed in 2010,  but controlled well with minimal medication. 

Despite my health problems, I do still lead an active life – for example running a folk/acoustic music club with my husband and singing in our band. This has been achieved despite considerable ‘structural imbalance’ and pain, since the loss of some inches in height and lowering of my rib cage towards the pelvis causes pressure on the diaphragm; it has in the past caused a lot of discomfort in terms of breathing (particularly when singing)  and of course, often spinal pain also. My spinal curvature combines with my Parkinson’s to cause me to lean to the right and to throw my gait off balance and has often made walking painful.  

I  have already benefited considerably from healing – chiefly with Matthew Manning whose extraordinary successes include restoring a deteriorated hip with visible scan changes. eliminating severe ribcage pain, eliminating ‘Parkinson’s pain’ in the leg and improving breathing and vocal power. 

I should say that I myself have been registered with the Healing Trust – formerly the NFSH – for around 40 years. I am a firm believer in combining mainstream medicine (I used to be a nurse) with complementary therapies and healing.”

I strongly felt that there was no need to limit myself to seeking help from a single healer and really believed, that with Quantum-Touch in general and Karina’s work in particular, spinal realignment really was possible with this form of healing. I was very impressed with what I saw on this website, particularly the immediate correction of Karina’s father’s ‘Parkinson’s posture’.

I was also really interested to read the testimonial on the website from the person whose broken arm was healed in 5 weeks. I have had a fractured wrist which was out of plaster by the end of 4 weeks instead of the predicted 8-10; my husband believes that I ‘self-heal’ and Matthew Manning has expressed the view that our energies combine when he is healing me. I couldn’t wait to ‘connect’ with Karina.

And so, the first session came about. Prior to the session, I had been experiencing pain on one side of my hip above the buttock, caused by leaning hugely to the right. I limped up the stairs slowly towards the treatment room, leaning on a stick and supported by my husband.  As soon as we set eyes on Karina’ smiling face, the connection was tremendous. I expected great things – and I was right! 

The first healing session with Karina

During that first session, my husband said it was extraordinary to watch me ‘uncurling’ as I stood with Karina working on me, standing behind me. I don’t know which of the 3 of us was most excited as this occurred! 

Here is an extract from the email my husband Alan sent Karina afterwards:

“It was so good to meet you at last and we can’t thank you enough for the amazing healing.

First, we thought you might like an update on what has been happening after the first session. We’re on a bit of a ‘high’ actually!

On the train journey home, Denise was able to put her head back against the seat and relax, for the first time in years! She didn’t need to use her stick and experienced no pain in her hip/buttock for 3 days (she overdid things a bit yesterday, as she was feeling so good and got what she describes as a tiny ‘twinge’ but not actual pain). What’s more, for the first time in years she has been able to reach the top shelf in kitchen cupboards without getting on steps and reach up to hang things on high hooks – at the very top of doors, which as you know are about 6’6″. Because of the change in her neck, Denise can now tilt her head back and drink a complete cup of tea instead of having to leave about 1/3 of a cup. 

Also – friends have noticed that she is not now tilting to the right and remarked on how straight she looks. Last night at our band practice we stood side by side to demonstrate the difference and we estimate that she’s an inch taller than she was. Our bandmates who are also close friends were quite thrilled – we told them all about you, as they too are very ‘open’ to such things.

We can’t wait to come back and see you again!”


Of course, we returned for the second session and Karina could see the difference in me – even more, was to come …

The second session with Karina

The session was truly beneficial. I must point out that I have always been someone who is incredibly relaxed during healing and invariably fall asleep when healing is done either lying down or sitting. I think Karina was relieved that I stayed awake when she worked on me standing up!

Here is an extract from the email my husband sent Karina following this session :

“Denise is doing really well. On the train home, she was delighted to discover that she could sit ‘pressed back’ against the seat, without feeling the usual discomfort caused by her spinal curvature.  She has noticed this on a chair with a wooden back at home too and says that it’s because her spine now does not ‘stick out’ as much.   I would agree with this completely, both from looking at her back and also from putting my arms around her – such a fun way to check! 

What’s more, when she woke up this morning she said she didn’t have the usual discomfort or pain after lying on her back all night and her spine pressing on the bed – that’s an amazing change.

Really positive comments are still coming from others too. Today when she was out and about, Denise met several friends who all remarked on how well she looked.

Even more extraordinary, Denise went to the dental hygienist this afternoon and for the first time in years could lie back in the chair without needing pillows under her neck. 

Now here’s the bit Denise thinks might amuse you – she promptly fell asleep while being treated and only woke up because her arm fell over the edge of the chair! The hygienist said, ‘I’m glad you’re so relaxed …’ “


I was now looking forward to the third session. In the meantime, we sent Karina some ‘before and after’ photos. The first is ‘before’ at a band performance where I am singing leaning and bent so far to the right that I am considerably shorter than our other vocalist, Heather – and Alan, who is very short. The second photo is after being treated by Karina for the first time, taken at our band rehearsal – you can see that I am standing straight and taller than Heather!

Photo 1 Before Karina – ‘Strange Combination’ at St Neots Folk Club

Denise singing whilst being tilted to one side

Photo 2  After 1st Session with Karina – At Band Rehearsal 

Denise is now able to stand upright and sing outwards.

The third session with Karina

We returned to Karina just after my birthday in January. The difference in how I climbed the stairs to her treatment room compared with my first session, was clearly visible. At home, I do still need a stairlift as our stairs are so steep as to be almost vertical, but the stairs to the treatment room are much gentler  – and this time I did it with no-stick and no need to be propped up and ‘propelled’ by Alan!

I was able to report that following Alan’s email about the second session I was able to progress further and that on New Year’s Eve, at a friend’s party, I was able to dance with Alan for the first time in years – very gently, but I danced. 

I told Karina we could now send a photo and some video clips of our band playing at a gig. You will see how straight  I am on stage – and taller than both the other vocalist Heather and once again, for the first time in years, taller than Alan  – on guitar to my right!

Video links:

Alan reckons that the ease with which I can get vocal power on my lowest notes in ‘Summertime’ (the second video) is down to the combined healing of Matthew and of Karina specifically having helped my ribcage to ‘lift’.

Following the third session, we stayed in London to celebrate my birthday with a visit to a jazz and blues club and an overnight stay. I was more energised than in a long time and had the energy to meet our nephew and his wife for a drink before going on to the club, enjoying the gig until well after midnight and even managing another little dance! 

My continuing increase in upper body length has also become apparent in another way  – I no longer need to use a ‘riser’ cushion when seated at our dining table – again for the first time in years!

Obviously, there are still many ways in which my disabilities (Parkinson’s osteoporosis and osteoarthritis) affect my daily living, such as needing help with dressing, being unable to bath unaided and needing somebody else to wash my hair; also, I can’t be left alone at night because the poor balance caused by Parkinson’s is at its worst when I wake from sleep, so a night time trip to the bathroom could prove disastrous without Alan being there! 

However, I can truly say that both Quantum-Touch and healing have indeed helped me with my Parkinson’s and Osteoporosis in a life-changing way!

Thank you so much Karina  – roll on the next session!

I am feeling very blessed to be helped so much by two such wonderful and caring people as Matthew and Karina on my journey through personal healing.

My next session with Karina is now quite soon  – and I am eager to continue my healing adventure with her – watch this space!


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