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QT for National Stress Awareness Week

This week is National Stress Awareness Week and is a great to show people how beneficial QT can be, for allowing the body to rest and repair.

Stress is best seen as a wave that will pass and most importantly, if we allow it to, we can find a new perspective within its message.

You can use your Quantum Touch Level 1, Supercharging and Level 2 techniques. All will have a very beneficial effect.

People often hold tension in quite common places. If I were to design a QT session that was specifically to shift out of stress and into relaxation, I would offer QT to the following places:

  • The feet hold all the points of the body and are an all rounder for any QT session – sandwich each foot
  • The TMJ area – remember to use the tripod hand position on either side of the jaw
  • Occiputs – again tripod position can be easiest here
  • Heart Chakra – sandwiching the front and back of the heart chakra whilst using the “What you love most technique”
  • Balancing hips – this brings people back into their bodies and is very grounding
  • Chakra balancing – this is like giving someone an energy multi vitamin
  • Sweep using the Supercharging 12 colours
  • Create a Level 2 icon to represent “relaxation in the mind, body and spirit”

If you are offering QT in an office or similar environment and people simply want to try it, then I have found that working on the feet and shoulders are very easy places to work with.

Of course remember that Self Healing with QT is just as important as giving to others and make sure to reserve time for your own regular practice. By giving to ourselves, we are automatically giving to others by default!

Which QT techniques do you use most to release your stress and shift into relaxation?

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