New Level 1 Workshop!

Come and take the NEW Level 1 QT workshop!

You can expect:

  • expanded practice sessions
  • clear descriptions on topics such as “Quantum” or “new paradigm”
  • exercises and explanations that respond to the current needs of our community
  • new support materials for students
  • We have come up with a new Level 1 and a new series of support tools for our students and instructors. It has taken almost a year to complete, but the materials are now ready. We are eager to share the new Level 1 with our Quantum-Touch community!
  • The Level 1 Workshop updates take us back to our Quantum-Touch roots in a simpler yet more powerful way. Additional material from Richard’s original classes, talks and demonstrations have been infused into the class. There are also powerful new exercises and guided meditations. We have also structured topics differently to make learning them both easier and more fun.

Level 1 Manuals!

We now have official Level 1 Student and Instructor Manuals.

The Student Manual is 40 pages, printed in full colour, and is a great tool for learning both during the class and after. Each student in the new Level 1 class will receive one. The manual provides a clear outline of techniques and important principles, with familiar illustrations from Richard Gordon’s book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal. New images have also been included (depicting bones or hand placement, for ex.) Plus, there are guidelines for easy reference when practicing or receiving Quantum-Touch.








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