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New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function

One of the reasons I was very excited about Level II when Richard Gordon released the material was because of the new ways of using Quantum Touch techniques to heal the brain.

When a fellow QTer sent me an article about a potential cure for Alzheimer’s I was very interested in their method, as it has a lot of similarities to what we do in Quantum Touch Level II brain work.

New science

A group of Australian researchers have invented a non – invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques. These are the structures responsible for memory loss and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients.

The scientists who published their findings in Science Translational Medicine, used a type of therapy called a focused therapeutic ultrasound. This non invasive therapy beams sound waves into the brain tissue. The sound waves oscillate at a very fast speed and are able to gently open up the blood – brain barrier. This enables the waste removal cells (Microglila cells) to clear out the toxic buildup that cause the worst symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


The researchers fully restored the memory function of 75% of the mice they tested this new therapy on, with no damage or side effects to the surrounding tissue.

Quantum Touch

In Quantum Touch we also offer a non invasive way of beaming waves of energy into the brain tissue. We add our intention and it is coloured with love, the highest frequency on the planet.

This new research will highlight to us what QT Level II energy is capable of healing and likely expand and meet our expectations even more, much like Roger Bannister’s 4 minute mile. I have had some amazing brain healing experiences using the Level II techniques and I love receiving emails from people reporting their healing successes too.

If you know someone who would benefit from memory/brain healing try visualising the Level II energy doing what the scientists are doing with the laser beam and let me know your results? We are doing this already in Level II and like Richard says…we are only at the beginning of understanding the depth of healing these techniques can reach – particularly with the brain. This really is cutting edge energy work!

After I came back to Bahrain and started QTII with my clients, my Alzheimers client improved so much, his kids decided he no longer required my help.  And I am so very happy for him as his life has become truly good again :).   I was also able to support a good friend in Germany with his determination to survive Pancreatic cancer  – his blood quality improved over 50% and he is feeling and looking sooo much better already.  Most of all I am so deeply happy to report that after intense distance healing for my lovely auntie Maria, she returned home from hospital (her daughter wanted her to spend her last few days in her own home) and recovered so well she called me while I was with my parents in Germany and I spent a day with her, laughing, eating cake and holding hands, no words can describe how wonderful it felt… and she continues to be well! xxxx THANK YOU QT Level II and thank you KARINA!



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