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Monthly group remote distance healing practice

During the month at a specified dates and times I invite you to join me in a collective distance group healing for each other. This is a chance to give/receive healing as a large group and regulate your distance healing practice in a powerful way. This evening let’s use the intention to add energy into giving ourselves the “best seat in the house”. How we see things will always have a direct correlation to how we experience them. When we change our seat, we alter our view and get a better connection with the show we are watching. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

The intent for tonight is “I ask, pray and intend that the following healing intention be directed to myself and the entire group – “seeing and feeling the highest good in myself, all humanity and all areas of our lives ”.

Remember that whatever you put your attention on will become what you see and experience. How are you viewing the world around you? Try putting on an imaginary pair of beautiful binoculars throughout the session. Whatever you see whilst looking through these will be the true essence of anything you look at, magnified to its highest state. Be playful and curious and see how new everything looks in this state. How does your interaction change? Are you in joy and appreciation when you alter your view? Does whatever you are looking at reform according to your expectation and perception? Really play with this, it is a life changing way of experiencing the universe and once you are comfortable with QT’ing in this way, your healing sessions will skyrocket.

Use all the QT techniques and let yourself flow. We will charge up this intent from our own homes, each using our favourite techniques and send the intended healing to each other.

I have received some exciting feedback from the remote distance group healing sessions! People have reported feeling huge amounts of energy, connecting and also some really good physical healing and release.

Upcoming sessions:

Monday 9th July – 8.30 – 9.00pm – altering our world view

(please note if you cant make the date you can still send the healing using the intent and it will be received).

A few minutes before starting let’s each visualise ourselves in a huge room filled with harmonic energies that synchronises everyone into the highest good before beginning to use QT. Just use a light intention that it is in there for group harmony. Once you are in there, set it, forget it and then begin using your favourite techniques.

Five minutes before the end enter into a beautiful nature spot that connects you to the earth energies and enjoy that space.

The key to the group sessions (and all your QT sessions) is to allow the energy and soften into your flow. If you ever feel yourself pushing to hard then just bring your awareness to a place of softness and allow yourself let go into your bliss.

I advise that you spend a few minutes prior to starting just relaxing into the process. Please also drink plenty of water in the hours and also during days to follow.

Enjoy and keep me posted 🙂

Love & light

Some feedback from the remote group sessions:

“First, thank you very much for the group healing. It was so so something, I can´t explain it. Energy was so high and fine and strong and on the next day I started to go through all kinds of old things and thoughts and ideas. It was so exceptional and clear. I love to do it again in thursday and monday.”

“Joined in on last night’s group session, and I felt very joyous and clear-headed during and after.”

“Many thanks for todays healing session. I am so happy you decided to arrange another so soon, special thanks for that! The sesson was awesome! Right from the start a warm cosy blanket was wrapped around me and it stayed there till the end of the session. I think I reached a fluidity state – I was quietly floating, everything was so still and it felt so great to be there. And even I could say when the energy started to run and when it faided away. What else could I say – 30 minutes just flied. Can’t wait for Monday’s session!”

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