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How to explain to mainstream people what I do in healing

Making the shift from having a “normal” desk job to being an Energy Healing Practitioner was a very exciting one. It felt so fulfilling and still does, to know that I am helping people to experience higher states of health and wellness as part of my career.

One of the greatest client facing lessons of making this transition has been understanding how to communicate what I “do”, with mainstream thinkers.

I want to help all types of people from all kinds of backgrounds. This is how to expand and grow. I learned very early on that if I could explain what I do in a very quick and simple way, that has an element of excitement to it, that people would take an interest.

Gaining someone’s strong interest is about giving a bite-sized taster that is delicious enough to want to bite off more.

The more you can simplify what energy healing is, the easier it becomes for a person to identify with it.

The first thing to do is quickly understand who you are talking to. A mainstream mind will require a mainstream answer. I often use analogies such as “It is like acupuncture without needles, with a lot more added power to it.”

Or I simply plunge straight into the benefits first. Ultimately people want to know how something can help them. Once that is established I can then answer any questions about the process. For instance “I help people with aches and pains by boosting the body’s healing response…with energy healing.”

If I am talking to a sports person then focusing on injury recovery will be of most interest to them. They will also always be keen to have a taster straight away. This will also be the case for anyone who has any aches or pains. Make sure to ask them to rate it out of 10 first and then again after.

It is often a lot easier to demonstrate something than explain it.

The other key factor here is to assume a positive outcome and be very proud of what you do – because it is a gift to share it. Assume that the person will want to know more. I present what I do in a way that I assume everyone is interested (because I believe they should be)!

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