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Goop – why does Gwyneth Paltrow see a body alignment specialist?

If you have Netflix then you will want to watch Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop series, where she explores 6 different wellness topics. My favourite episode was watching Gwyneth and her team chat with Chiropractor John Amaral and body-alignment specialist Lauren Roxburgh. They came together to chat about how energy moves through the body, where and why it gets blocked, and how we can release stored stress, pain, and trauma.

The chiropractic treatments really worked with releasing energy. As the energy moved, the body aligned and emotions were also released simultaneously.

The way that the person receiving the treatment would find their body moving in all sorts of unexpected ways was very similar to what can happen in a Quantum-Touch session.

Often people will literally feel themselves unwinding as their body moves and releases what it needs to.

The body intelligence takes over and energy simply releases. It is a process that our bodies are innately able to direct, without any conscious input from our mind.

Witnessing the body physically realign and unwind itself in the process is a frequent occurrence in Quantum-Touch workshops. It is an extraordinary sight and incredibly healing. As space is made in the body, space is also created in the mind.

“Quantum-Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.”

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D, Neurosurgeon

The beauty of Quantum-Touch is that everyone and anyone can learn it. We all have the ability to facilitate these experiences for ourselves and others.

Bodywork is a very popular way for people to move into a higher emotional and physical state, and Quantum-Touch opens this door to everyone, everywhere.

Balancing structure is very healing for any condition as it allows the energy to flow freely where it is needed.

Tip: Try giving some of your sessions whilst the receiver is standing as this allows for a lot of unwinding to take place and alignment often happens more quickly.

What have your experiences been after a Quantum-Touch alignment?

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