Distance healing story with Quantum Touch – Energy Follows Thought

In Quantum – Touch Level 1 we learn about giving distance healing. Participants learn that that energy follows thought. In the words of Oscar Wilde “to think a thing is to cause it to begin to be.”

If I think of a friend in America and a friend in the same room as me, there is zero difference to the thought. A thought is a thought. Our thoughts are immediately propelled out into the Universe and connect like magnets to what we are giving our attention to. That is why we have friends that phone us a short while after we think about them. The more sensitive we are to energy the more of these experiences we have. 

Distance healing is based on the principles that space and time are transcended when we are focusing our intention and awareness in a healing sphere. 

The Quantum – Touch principles always remain the same whether we are giving healing in a hands on capacity or via distance healing. 

I enjoyed the benefits of receiving distance Quantum – Touch when I was in labour. My dear friend Kim in Hawaii is a Quantum – Touch instructor and a Doula. Kim sent me healing which I was able to tangibly feel and was a perfect way to assist my process.

Recently I had a client message me from Israel. She was in intense pain and asked for a distance healing session asap. The ability to help people anywhere is a gift that will always keep on giving.

“Two days ago I went to the gym and did some movement that completely threw my back out of whack.  My pain was at a good ‘8-9’. I walked home slowly and immediately emailed Karina ‘HELP!” I received my QT session long distance and within a short time I was completely pain free thank G-d!  I thank you my dear Karina from my whole heart for helping me so, so much!!”

B. Edelstein, Energy therapist, Israel

Remember that your Quantum – Touch distance healing skills can be used to help people and also to go back and forward in time, to charge up events in your diary. This is another way to apply distance healing the possibilities are infinite.

We are all connected at all times and with this in mind we can give distance healing to anyone, anywhere. 

Do you have any particular distance healing experiences that amazed you? 

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