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Daily rituals – Level 1 QT Audio Recordings

I first heard about the power of inspired daily rituals from Tony Robbins when I attended one of his seminars back in 2000. I can still hear him passionately deliver his message “The quality of your life depends on the quality of your daily rituals”. He went on to break it into chunks of time that could be utilised in this way.

“15 minutes to fulfillment, 30 minutes to thrive and if you have the time and inclination then…your hour of power.”

Watching Tony on the stage and the huge amount of high energy he consistently gives showed me very clearly that he has powerful daily rituals.

I have personally found this to be true on all levels. I begin my day with my meditation practice, followed by setting intentions and daily goals. I have printed out a chart which is on my fridge that I tick off each day after I have completed my morning rituals. This is very rewarding!

Any Quantum Touch I do after this is fueled with a much higher vibration. I am very open to what I focus on each morning – as long as it raises my vibration and aligns me with my higher self I am happy to vary my practice. This is how I maintain a consistently high flow of extra energy for my Quantum Touch sessions. It has to be as important as breakfast and in a way it is – it is the energy that starts the flow of the day.

Whether your daily ritual is for  5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes I believe that this is a big key to lasting and complete transformation. It is what I call staying in a life long “Energy Gym” and we each have the capacity to create our own bespoke version of that.

Often people ask me how to maintain the energy they experienced in a Quantum Touch workshop. I have created some audio files to help you do just that. These Quantum Touch practice recordings were created with love and are designed to help you hone your skills, enjoy the recordings as a daily/weekly ritual and become totally fluent with all the techniques. My intentions are that you experience transformational healing whilst listening and that you are able to help others profoundly and gracefully as a result.

QTers in the USA call the regular miracles we experience with Quantum Touch “normacles” because they become so normal to witness! I hold a loving space for these Quantum Touch Level 1 practice audio meditations to invoke regular “normacles” for you and our wonderfully connected community. These are different lengths to suit various time schedules. Please do leave me feedback under each recording that you listen and share your healing stories – I love hearing them! Enjoy!!

What are your daily rituals that keep you aligned with your highest flow?

It was very interesting that Karina recorded the meditations having the 4 elements as her themes… I have an instant connection with the elements as I’ve studied astrology… They are all very individually suited to specific energies and I would recommend you listen to all 4 and not just your own element…

The chakra meditation was also fantastic and took me “right back to the workshop” but I think that all of Karina’s recordings have that effect!!  Once leaving the workshop we go back to our daily lives and I think it’s so important to re-visit and remember the energy of of the workshops and the people we met there as much as possible…

I listen to my recordings every day…

Love, light & inner-peace

Stevie Woodhouse xx

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