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Why does loneliness have a physical effect on the body?

I remember being 13 and on a Louise Hay workshop. I was in the kids group and we were taught about loving ourselves whilst drawing references from her earliest work.

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

The Quantum Touch Level II techniques have really opened the door for taking flight with this level of awareness…in a very physical way.

Many studies have shown that loneliness has an effect on physical health although I haven’t seen much research that explains why. This is my own energetic perspective on why this happens…

In level II we find that by observing in a specific way with love the body changes. The techniques we learn enable proper physical change to occur including instantaneous bone alignment and brain healing.

Why this happens is becoming much clearer to me. When we view a person with love their energy begins to physically open and change. If they are isolated or in an unloving environment the energy remains dense and much more solid. There is no space for light to come in because it is so fixed. No one is viewing the person in a way that allows for physical change to take place. 

Anyone can view you with love, a complete stranger can have the same effect in a healing situation as a loved one.

Love is love…Most importantly you can view yourself with love for the most powerful change to occur.

We know that there is research to show that children raised in a loving environment have more developed brain function than those raised in an inhibited home. Receiving love alters physical matter and the depth of love we reach in Quantum Touch Level II literally changes the body in front of our eyes.

Quantum Tips:

  • Try giving yourself QT Level II healing in front of mirror and becoming your own loving observer.
  • Love heals. The greatest gift we can give another person is to view them with love and evoke their highest physical, emotional and spiritual potential by doing so. This is why I love the level II work – we literally change others, whilst healing ourselves and the world around us… in each moment that we run the heart energy.

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