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Vortexing and Water

Those of you that have taken the Level 1 Quantum Touch workshop will remember learning how to vortex the energy and how powerful this technique is.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to meet a scientist who had developed a water “whirler” in Sweden. The whirler was designed to allow the water to travel through a very specific pattern of spirals to alter the characteristics of the water. These motions are similar to the movement of water in a babbling brook – before the water was removed from its source.

Babbling brookThe “200” whirled water has been used for both environmental purposes such as increased plant growth of up to 30% and the “5500” whirled water has shown very promising results for skin, increased hair growth and general wellness.

Having experienced the power of vortexing energy it was very affirming to learn that this was also true of water’s divine nature.

After trialing the whirler at home I can feel a distinct difference between regular water and whirled water and now enjoy giving a glass of this high frequency water to clients too.

After so many clients requested the information about how to obtain their own whirler, I have included the link below which also has other very interesting information and research!

It is also important to mention that because of the very high frequency of the “5500” whirler, it should be used for a maximum of 3 months, followed by a maintenance of twice a week. The “200” whirler is designed for long term use. Both are excellent ways of promoting wellness, however the “5500” is considered a stronger way of doing so .

I also enjoy charging up the whirled water with a specific intention using QT!

Let me know how you get on!


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