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The Time is Now – what is happening in 2012

For years we have known that 2012 would bring shifts in consciousness and that many would begin to ask the right questions, and consequently start receiving the right answers.

The shifts are very apparent and those that have been involved in energy work and meditation for a long time will be able to see that the game has changed significantly and the bar has definitely been raised. A few years ago many would have been attending healing courses to learn how to neutralise emotions, work on aches/pains and add another skill to their therapeutic bow. Whilst these personal and collective motivations still exist and thankfully so, there is a far deeper and more profound quality to the energetic demands of society today.

A highly regarded and acclaimed mystic told me over a decade ago “there will come a time when people will realise that we were given technology to show us what we are capable of doing without technology. In other words we will be able to have the skype chats and healings without skype etc.”

I believe this time has come and will show itself more as the months go on. Everyone is being tested relative to their level and humanity has had to increase our spiritual understanding and metaphysical abilities. As time goes on this is going to become more and more obvious.

With consciousness evolving as rapidly as it is, it is no longer enough to know how to align bones with energy. This is a drop in the ocean and a gateway to even more exciting abilities…It is also a small indicator as to what we are capable of and most importantly – our connection to each other.

This is where all of our explorations should be heading. We know that we can heal easily using Level 1 techniques and more profoundly with Level II – this should now be commonplace in all of our lives.

Our focus today should be on the realisation that all reality as we know it is in fact part of an intricate illusion, that is making itself appear very real. The future of humanity points towards our realisation that there is no separation between us and that our daily reality consists of a powerful holographic imprint of our own conscious awareness. We have entered into a time where those that notice and know beyond intellectual understanding that we are part of a collective consciousness, will be able to manifest at will, knowing that when we are One with the universe and all others there is no force of anything needed. Your desires simply become an instruction as easy as deciding to lift up a pen because you realise it is you doing it rather than a separate entity or person.

Level II addresses this on day two of the workshop and this is why it is called “The New Paradigm – the possible human”. The processes given are designed to point and lead you towards states of consciousness where your bigger questions are answered. This is the year where we open ourselves up to understanding our connection to the world, one another and where we realise that healing exists beyond the physical body as we see it. It is a state of being that is meant to be ongoing and Level II takes you to the point where you can dive in and synchronise your swimming with the universe.

I encourage us all to further our commitment to our spiritual understanding, metaphysical education and daily practice. The time for everyone to do this is unquestionably now…

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