The healing power of space in Quantum-Touch

How can we transform energy with Quantum-Touch? 

Let’s begin by understanding the healing power of space.

Space is the opposite of stagnant or stuck energy. Creating space in the way we perceive a situation can be enough to evoke forgiveness in a relationship. Space opens all the windows and doors to be able to clearly see a new path or viewpoint. From this place, anything can happen.

We can do this with energy.  Quantum-Touch has a very easy technique called The Amplified Resonance Technique which inspires two very important healing qualities in the body – Light and Space.

The simplification of this technique should not be underestimated. Richard Gordon has the gift of taking profound healing concepts and simplifying them for easy application. 

I use the Amplified Resonance Technique on anything and everything, including thoughts, emotions, relationships, and all types of healing. When we disperse energy in this way, we create a space for the light that was always there, to be seen and felt. This technique is immediate in its effectiveness. 

We can bring this awareness of space into our healing sessions so easily with the Amplified Resonance Technique. Tony Robbins says that we can change our state in a heartbeat. A quick way to do this is to find the space within and around you, with your intention. 

Why does this have the effect of a group healing?

This is one reason why Richard Gordon says that applying the Amplified Resonance Technique has the effect of a group healing. When we do this we tune into the sense of the tiny particles that appear to be solid. We recognise ourselves for what we truly are and in that moment we connect with the infinite space of possibilities. Our divine intelligence or Inner Healer knows exactly how to reassemble these dancing particles in a synchronized and coherent way. 

Quantum-Touch Level 1 introduces us to this concept with the Amplified resonance technique. Using Toning will also give you an experience of expansive space in our healing sessions.  Supercharging teaches us how we can experience this space with the U-Nan pattern as it traverses through the body, loosening up everything it touches. Quantum-Touch teaches techniques that have a spacious effect in the body throughout the Supercharging workshop, and also in Quantum-Touch Level 2. 

Play with this and let me know how focusing on Space in Healing enhances the resonance you feel in your healing sessions with Quantum-Touch!

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