Can Quantum-Touch help covid 19?

The first client call I received about Covid 19 was in March this year. Ruth had attended a Quantum-Touch Level 1 with me in January and had experienced her longstanding hip pain disappear in the live demonstration. When she knew that she was positive with Covid-19 she got in touch for healing.

Ruth is a practice manager of a Doctor’s surgery, is married to a Doctor and her children are Doctors. Her family runs several medical practices in North London. Her Whatsapp was constantly buzzing with live updates pertaining to the latest GP/MD guidelines and her mind was spinning with anxiety.

As soon as we started our distant healing session Ruth told me that her breathing was shallow and felt very stressful. I could see that she had been exposed to a lot of fear and that in order for her immune system to have the best chance of doing its job, she needed to deeply relax.

I began sending healing to her lungs and quickly felt that the place that required the healing was her Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the Chakra connected to that region of the body so it covers all bases and will help to dissipate fear.

High anxiety can also cause very shallow breathing. I intuitively felt that by creating a space for Ruth to feel safe again and feel lovingly supported by a higher force of energy, that she would receive what her body, mind and Spirit needed.

The energy is intelligent

There is a divinely intelligent flow of information that knows exactly where to go and what to do. We do not need to know the exact body part that requires the energy. 

By the end of the session, Ruth felt she could breathe much more freely again and was feeling so much better.

Having given healing to a lot of clients through this unique era it is very clear that Quantum-Touch gives us the opportunity to hold a space for people to move out of the fear and be reminded of Love again. This opens the door to high states of healing.

In Self Created Health we address the emotional causation for physical conditions. This shows us the impact that our emotions have on healing our physical body.

When giving healing to someone with Covid-19 I recommend also offering healing to the Chakras or the space that the person feels most emotionally constricted in their body.

As soon as they let go of the fear everything else will flow with much more ease.

Releasing fear from the Solar Plexus

Last week I gave distance healing to a lady recovering from Covid who was having night sweats each night. She said she felt like her body was holding it all in her Solar Plexus. After one hour of using the Supercharging techniques to charge up her Solar Plexus, she felt much more vibrant. The sweats stopped immediately and she feels a lot better.

Once the anxiety has been addressed then breathing will always have more space and depth to flow.

If you have just learned Quantum-Touch then just remember to ask the question “where do you feel emotionally constricted in your body?”. This is a perfect place to start sending the healing to.

Having the ability to give Quantum-Touch via distance healing is an immensely empowering blessing. I encourage everyone to learn it, practice it, and most of all enjoy using it. It really does raise the energy high enough for very powerful healings to happen.

Brenda helps her daughter with QT

Brenda, a QT practitioner who thankfully flew over for several Quantum-Touch workshops with me in 2019 was able to help her daughter profoundly with the techniques.

“My daughter contracted Covid 19 from her partner who was in hospital for surgery and brought the virus home. She was very ill with severe breathing difficulty. It also didn’t help that she suffers from anxiety at times so the fear of going into hospital exacerbated her breathing and anxiety. While the ambulance was on the way to her I started doing Quantum-Touch Healing on her. I knew Fiona’s fear and anxiety were making her breathing so much worse and I think it’s the same for a lot of people who have the virus.

I was doing Quantum-Touch remotely as I live in Ireland and she lives in England. I focussed on her breathing and her lungs. I sent so much love to her lungs (a mother’s love for her child)and visualized her lungs filling up with emerald green healing light (archangel Raphael).  I also sent energy to her immune system, her heart, brain, bloodstream, and her whole body.

I kept this up and thank God the paramedics didn’t need to take her to the hospital as her vitals were ok by this time. I continued sending her Quantum-Touch healing and angelic healing and thank God she has pulled through and is returning to her old self. I know with continued Quantum-Touch distant healing she will make a full recovery.

Do contact a Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor as this energy healing modality is so so powerful. We are so blessed to be able to send this to any part of the world!

Brenda Sweetman (Ireland)”

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