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Eating raw food in London

As we know living a high energy life is multi faceted. When we use Quantum Touch we are aware of the frequency of our thoughts, actions and speech. This also transcends into what we bring into our body, as well as what we project outwardly.

The Earth’s produce holds the highest of frequencies when it comes to deciding what food to put inside our body. Often this is easier to do at home than in restaurants however thankfully times are changing and there are some exciting places opening up around the UK that support healthy eating.

It was my birthday at the weekend and I decided to visit Tanya’s Cafe in London which is a raw food cafe. I read about Tanya’s Cafe on Deliciously Ella’s website – which has inspired so many people to cook raw/healthy food creatively at home. The food was delicious and I left feeling light, energised and as if I had added real fuel to my body, which is the opposite of how we can feel after a heavy meal.

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When we eat the foods that Mother Nature has generously provided us with we harmonise with all the elements. The earth, sun, water and air all give unconditionally to plant foods, harnessing the power of expansion and growth for our benefit. By eating plant foods we consume this all powerful natural energy and nature’s intention. This is how we become one with the Earth three times a day – through conscious eating.

There are some incredible teachers out there who talk about the healing properties of food and some mindblowing healing stories too. Look out for some blog posts I will be sharing about how to raise our frequency with food and bring our energy field into alignment with the Earth in this way.

Of course you can also charge up your food using Quantum Touch like we do on the Level 1 workshop when we change the taste of our water with energy!

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