Diabetes medications stopped after 2 Quantum-Touch healing sessions

When Maria finished her first Level 1 QT workshop with me she got started with using the techniques straight away.

It was of great importance to her to start using QT Level 1 with a lady called Anna who has Diabetes, Heart issues and a whole range of complex health conditions. Having Diabetes at the stage means that Anna has a risk of leg amputation. Maria decided to apply distance healing to Anna’s legs as she lives in Russia.

After 2 sessions she received photos from Anna, who was totally shocked about how her legs had visually and physically changed since the QT sessions. She even had 2 medications cancelled by the Doctor after these sessions as they are so much better.

This is another great reminder that you can begin using Quantum Touch straight away after Level 1 and expect AMAZING RESULTS with yourself, loved ones and clients.

This is suitable for total beginners and experienced healing practitioners. In Quantum Touch we call it “Normacles”…when miracles become normal!

Watch Maria’s testimonial 

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