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Quantum Touch Workshop FAQ’s

Please find a list of the all the frequently asked questions relating to a Quantum Touch workshop.

Do I need any experience to learn QT?

There is no experience necessary to learn Quantum Touch. The workshops tend to attract people from all walks of life and with varying backgrounds in energy work and healing. I have taught parents, scientists, Doctors, researchers, journalists, teachers, Reiki Masters, highly experienced energy workers, kids, vets, pensioners and people who are highly proficient in many other modalities to include instructors of other very popular therapies.

Regardless of whether you want to add another string to your bow and enhance your existing skills or if energy work is totally new for you, the Quantum Touch workshop will give you exactly what you need to facilitate incredibly powerful healing work and see outstanding results.

Am I a practitioner after taking a Level 1 workshop?

The full practitioner requirements are listed on the main Quantum Touch website.

How long should I wait after Level 1 before taking Level II?

As soon as you feel totally confident with your Level 1 techniques you are ready to go onto Level II. For each person this will be different. Some people are instantly drawn to the Level II work and book onto a workshop within weeks of taking Level 1 and others choose to wait a while. Please read my blog post about the difference between Level I and II.

Does Level II have even more effect with animals than Level 1?

Yes. People have reported fantastic healing results with animals from the Level 1 techniques. Those working with animals using Level II are seeing absolutely incredible results in faster time frames and at a very deep level.

I would like a workshop in my area

I am happy to travel and come to your area to teach groups. I travel within the UK and abroad for Level 1, II and Self Created Health workshops. Depending on where you are there is a minimum number of 10+ participants required to form a group. Please contact me if you wish to arrange a workshop.

How many people are in usually in each group?

An average sized group has 10 – 16 people in the group. This ensures plenty of practice partners and enough time for all individual questions to be answered.

Is there anything I can read before taking the Level 1 workshop?

You can read “The Power to Heal” by Richard Gordon. This is an amazing reference tool for both before and after the workshop.

Is there a Level II book?

You can read Quantum-Touch 2.0 – The New Human: Discovering and Becoming which is a brilliantly written book describing the Level II techniques.

Will Quantum Touch improve my therapy practice?

Yes absolutely. Therapists and bodyworkers who are able to incorporate Quantum Touch into their practice with clients will achieve brilliant results. Your clients will notice a difference – I frequently hear practitioners tell me they are fully booked since using Quantum Touch in their sessions.

Where can I find the practitioner forms?

The practitioner forms can be downloaded from the main Quantum Touch website.

Do I need to take Level 1 before taking Self Created Health?

You can take Self Created Health as a stand alone workshop without taking Level 1 and II.

Upcoming workshops & events

  1. Live in London

    Quantum-Touch Level 1 – Energy Healing

    09:30 GMT
    Healing House, Bounds Green, London, N22 8DH
    Earlybird: £265 £320
  2. Online

    Quantum-Touch Level 1 – Energy Healing

    18:30 GMT
    Online somewhere comfortable
    Earlybird: £265 £320
  3. Online

    Quantum-Touch Supercharging – Energy Healing

    09:00 GMT
    Online somewhere comfortable
    Earlybird: £349 £399
  4. Live in London

    Quantum-Touch Level 2 – Energy Healing

    09:30 GMT
    Healing House, Bounds Green, London, N22 8DH
    Earlybird: £349 £399

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