What is Quantum-Touch used for?

Quantum-Touch has been used to help with virtually everything. The list below has been compiled to demonstrate the most common conditions that Quantum-Touch helps with.

However it should be noted that I have never known or seen a complaint that Quantum-Touch hasn’t helped improve or heal.

In my own experience Quantum-Touch has been amazingly effective with:

Realigning bones and structure

One of the amazing benefits that Quantum-Touch has become famous for is realigning bones and altering posture. By doing a simple gait analysis it is always clear to see where the body has become unbalanced. For example, one can clearly see and feel when one hip is higher than the other.

Rather than use any forceful manipulation, the practitioner simply places his/her hands on the area that needs realigning and uses Quantum-Touch techniques to transmit energy into the area.

This type of skeletal balancing is so harmonious, that the bones automatically glide back into alignment and realign themselves.

Quantum-Touch has also had great success at correcting scoliosis, again without any clicking or forced manipulation. The practitioner simply places his/her fingers on each individual vertebrae using Quantum-Touch to naturally straighten the spine.

Rapid sports injury recovery

Quantum-Touch is excellent for accelerating the healing process of sports injuries. Inflammation will subside and bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue injuries will heal remarkably quickly, enabling the person to recover much faster than otherwise expected.

This is very advantageous for people who have a career in sport and/or a passion for regular exercise.

Quantum-Touch is also popular for boosting athletic performance, people have reported an increase in stamina and output.

Accelerating healing

Regardless of what the condition is, Quantum-Touch has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to accelerate the healing process within the body.

Repetitive strain injury

Quantum-Touch is a fast and effective way to treat and eliminate the pain associated with RSI.

Soft tissue injury

One of the most frustrating things about soft tissue injuries is that there is no treatment available and healing can be a lengthy process.

Quantum-Touch will rapidly accelerate the tissue’s healing process and also reduce/eliminate the associated pain.

Reducing/eliminating pain

Pain can come from many sources within the body and for a variety of reasons. The beauty of Quantum-Touch is that the practitioner only needs to know where the painful area is, so that he/she can begin by directing the energy into that area.

During the session the client will usually feel the pain move from the initial area of concern. This is a good sign that internal blockages are being dispersed.

The client tells the practitioner each time the pain moves and as this happens, the practitioner follows the pain around the body by placing his/her hands on the area.

In a sense, the body is taking the practitioner on a journey back to the original place where the problem started. Once this process has happened the source of the pain will be eliminated and the body’s energy can flow freely again, thus eliminating the pain.

Bringing down inflammation

Quantum-Touch is a wonderful way to reduce and eliminate inflammation, allowing the next level of healing to take place in the area.

Muscle flexibility

The internal body can be likened to a river or stream. Sometimes blockages will occur that cause muscles to become stiff. As the session progresses the client will usually feel as if their muscles and joints have been well oiled and the river is able to flow freely again, where it was once blocked.

Dissolving headaches

Tension headaches respond well to Quantum-Touch.

Boosting immune system

By directing energy into the relevant organs, Quantum-Touch can be a great way to recharge the immune system. It is said that a strong immune system is the key to both prevention and cure. Regular immune boosting sessions can have a very positive effect on healing viruses, infections and long standing conditions.

Reducing symptoms of long term conditions

Although quick results can and have happened with Quantum-Touch, long term conditions may take longer to heal. However this should not detract from the fact that during the healing process symptoms will begin to lessen and may eventually stop. Best results are obtained from having longer and regular sessions.

Quantum-Touch is an excellent way to give the body the conditions it needs in order to heal from severe conditions.

It is also important to consider the emotional and nutritional state of the person and how this is being addressed.

Quantum Touch is excellent for severe conditions that display the symptoms of rigidity, stiffness, structural misalignment, inflexibility, pain and poor posture. Therefore conditions such as Parkinson’s disease generally respond very well to Quantum-Touch.

Post surgery recovery

Having Quantum-Touch is a great way to surprise and sometimes even astound doctors after surgery has taken place. Recovery time is usually dramatically faster than normal and the person is able to go back to their normal lives much quicker than anticipated.

Scars and burns

Scars, burns and skin abrasions respond very well to Quantum-Touch. If the scar/burn etc happened recently then it is very likely that Quantum-Touch will heal the area completely. Older scars and burns may take longer to improve.

Frozen shoulder

Quantum-Touch will disperse the blockage responsible for causing a frozen shoulder. Once this has happened, flow will be restored in the area and the shoulder will no longer be frozen.

Weight Loss or gain

Quantum-Touch is a safe and effective way to help weight loss or gain take place. Quantum Touch approaches the issue from a “cause/root” perspective and very positive results have been achieved using this approach.

Weight loss/gain issues can also arise as a result of an emotional imbalance towards the subject, and this can be addressed using the Quantum-Touch Emotional Healing technique .

Once any emotional issues have been cleared, the practitioner is then able to focus on balancing the client’s digestive system. As the digestive system becomes more efficient, nutrients will absorb and distribute more easily and inappropriate cravings will lessen and eventually cease.

It is common for food preferences to change, and for the person to crave healthier, more nourishing foods. As this area of the body becomes “whole” the body is then able to achieve it’s appropriate weight.

Depending on the severity of the situation, sessions will be required two to three times for the first week, two times a week for several weeks following and one session a week for a few more weeks.

Emotional issues

The link between emotional and physical healing should never be underestimated. There have been countless examples of people experiencing complete physical healings, once their major emotional issues had been dealt with and released.

For a person to have the best possible chance of healing, it is imperative to clear negative and inhibiting emotions from both the mind and body. Even one traumatic event in a person’s life can cause tremendous stress to the body. One of the biggest causes of illness today is stress, and stress has been scientifically proven to depress and even shut down the immune system.

We are lucky enough to be living through an era where energy medicine is at it’s peak and we are able to deal with emotional traumas faster and more effectively than previously known.

Usually when we think about a specific issue, we feel a tension in a certain part of our body. During a Quantum-Touch Emotional Healing , the practitioner places his/her hands on the area that the client feels the emotional pain of a specific issue. Emotions relating to this issue that have been suppressed and held in this area will often surface, and after a time dissipate both physically and emotionally at a very deep level.

This is a powerful and fast way to heal and release emotional issues from an energetic level.

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