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Quantum Touch Mentoring Program

Quantum Touch offer an optional mentoring program to new practitioners and a required mentoring program for new Level 1 instructors. Karina is proud to be the official UK Quantum Touch Mentor for both existing and new practitioners and instructors, coaching people through all aspects of the process. She thoroughly enjoys mentoring,  inspiring new instructors and practitioners from the UK and internationally. Having been privileged to have been taught by outstanding teachers herself, Karina thrives on passing this on to others.

These one to one mentoring sessions with Karina take place at convenient times over Skype and set new instructors and practitioners up for a thriving practice.

To book your place on a personal mentoring program please get in contact with Karina.

Required Mentoring for future Level 1 Instructors

We want our Certified Instructors to be well prepared for their new career, able to communicate techniques clearly and to have a solid grasp of class organisation essentials so that their practice can thrive. The QT Mentor Program provides that foundation. It is a comprehensive program of one-on-one mentoring designed to jumpstart the transition between practitioner and instructor in a powerful yet supportive way.

Optional Mentoring for current Level 1 Instructors

For those who are already Certified Quantum-Touch Instructors, we offer an optional Mentor Program. You can schedule support on an hourly basis or complete the program in full.

The Mentor Program can provide insight in teaching the Quantum Touch material and assistance in raising your business presence. Karina can work with you to answer any questions you have about your classes, or share insightful tips on facilitating and presenting. You may wish to have some assistance  on a few key items or you may want to take advantage of the full program. Whatever option you choose, your mentoring sessions will help you strengthen your practice and your teaching abilities.

Optional Mentoring for Certified QT Practitioners

For our Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioners, we offer various mentoring options. You can arrange one-on-one mentor support on an hourly basis, or take advantage of other support options offered by Quantum-Touch, Inc.

The Mentor Program can assist you with questions and concerns that arise during your professional practice. Working with a QT Mentor gives you additional support and can enhance your ability to thrive as a healing professional. Karina can address any questions you may have about working with clients or give you tips to increase your visibility in the community. You can also explore what is involved in teaching QT, to see if this career path is right for you.

Who are the Quantum Touch Mentors?

The mentors approved by Quantum-Touch, Inc. are some of our best and brightest, most experienced and successful Level 1 Instructors worldwide. Many of them are also teaching Level 2 Quantum-Touch and Self Created Health. All of them have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to mentor students in the past and create a thriving business in the healing arts.

Jennifer Taylor, COO Quantum Touch

Upcoming workshops & events

  1. Live in London

    Quantum-Touch Level 1 – Energy Healing

    09:30 GMT
    Healing House, Bounds Green, London, N22 8DH
    Earlybird: £265 £320
  2. Online

    Quantum-Touch Level 1 – Energy Healing

    18:30 GMT
    Online somewhere comfortable
    Earlybird: £265 £320
  3. Online

    Quantum-Touch Supercharging – Energy Healing

    09:00 GMT
    Online somewhere comfortable
    Earlybird: £349 £399
  4. Live in London

    Quantum-Touch Level 2 – Energy Healing

    09:30 GMT
    Healing House, Bounds Green, London, N22 8DH
    Earlybird: £349 £399

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