Watch this Quantum Touch Level 2 Healing Video

Posted on Thursday 5th December, 2019

Karina Grant Is physical pain connected to trauma?

Each Quantum Touch workshop is always filled with its own unique joys and healing stories. The November 2019 QT Level 2 workshop was a perfect way to end my QT workshops this year. I have a short video of a wonderful participant’s experience to share with you, to remind you…

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VIDEO: Being an original version of YOU

Posted on Tuesday 1st September, 2015

Karina Grant Caroline McHugh speaking on stage at TED

I recently watched a fantastic TED talk given by teacher and author of “Never not a lovely moon” by Caroline McHugh. Caroline founded a movement called IDOLOGY, a movement dedicated to helping individuals be original versions of themselves. She describes herself as a teacher and student of human potential and…

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Video of healing arthritis naturally with Quantum Touch

Posted on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014

Karina Grant Photo of naturally healing arthritis in hands with Quantum Touch

Stevie Woodhouse, company director of Ultimate Clarity and wellbeing therapist was in my Quantum Touch Level 1 workshop, and went straight to work on his Mother as soon as the workshop had finished. He contacted me excitedly that evening to share the photos and video of his Mother’s amazing healing experience. Arthritis is such a common condition and Quantum Touch is natural and easy to learn. Well done to Stevie and his Mum!

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Dr Bruce Lipton & Dr Wayne Dyer

Posted on Thursday 4th September, 2014

Karina Grant
Dr Wayne Dyer and Dr Bruce Lipton

Photo Credit:

This short and uplifting video featuring the incredible Dr Bruce Lipton and inspirational Dr Wayne Dyer shows a discussion highlighting the key factors for healing.

Dr Lipton references his mind blowing research about how our internal perceptions of our environment and beliefs about the world we live in will determine our health.

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Mark Waldman and his brain research

Posted on Tuesday 17th June, 2014

Karina Grant Illustration Of the Brain - Research done by Mark Waldman

This video is an excellent talk by the brilliant Mark Waldman who shows what happens to our brain when we meditate and focus on different subjects. In Quantum Touch Level II we learn how to work with the brain including how to heal the amygdala which is responsible for our…

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Dr Lissa Rankin – The shocking truth about your health

Posted on Thursday 20th February, 2014

Karina Grant Dr Lissa Rankin talking at TED - The shocking truth about your health

Dr Lissa Rankin is a leading inspirational medical doctor who explores the science behind the placebo effect, spontaneous remission and how the body is able to heal itself. I am so excited about her work, it gives total scientific validation to what we are doing with Quantum Touch. She now…

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Letting go of attachment to outcome

Posted on Friday 29th November, 2013

Karina Grant

“Maybe artistry doesn’t have to be quite so full of anguish if you never happened to believe, in the first place, that the most extraordinary aspects of your being came from you. But maybe if you just believed that they were on loan to you from some unimaginable source for…

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