LIVE Talk: Quantum-Touch Energy Healing

Starts on: 13:30 BST
Location: Situ Live in the Westfield Shopping Centre

If you would like a taste of how this incredible modality is changing people’s lives on a daily basis then please register to get your FREE coupon code.

If you would like to attend a wellbeing event with a large sprinkling of energy then please join me at Situ Live in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London, W12. Enjoy a freshly made juice/smoothie and some healthy lunchtime snacks whilst you learn about why Quantum-Touch works.

Situ Live won the award for Best New Store at the Retail Week awards and is filled with new experiences, innovations and has the most dedicated and smiley employees I have ever seen in any store, ever.

Quantum-Touch energy healing

Situ Live in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London, W12

The key principles of Quantum-Touch

Karina will be giving a talk about:

In this 30 minute wellbeing session you will learn:

  • The scientific principles that Quantum-Touch energy healing is based on
  • Why we feel better around some people than others
  • What Quantum-Touch energy healing can be used for to include pain relief for injuries
  • Why absolutely anyone can learn how to do this
  • A mindful body awareness exercise   

You will also be able to ask questions after.

Read more about what Quantum-Touch energy healing is and how it can help you and your loved one.

Who is this talk for?

This live talk is open to everyone:

  • Are you new to energy healing?
  • Are you an experienced energy practitioner?
  • Have you taken a Quantum-Touch workshop?

Please come and join this collective – all levels of experience are welcome!

What others are saying about Quantum-Touch

I believe this is the first course that I’ve completed that heals the practitioner and takes great care of them, so they can help others. Wonderful.

Rosena Johnston, UK Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, UK Athletics Disability team for Paralympic games

The tutor was par excellence. The energy experienced was remarkable.
I am a different person altogether. My daily lifestyle and health have changed.

Florence Namukash, London General Nurse NHS – North West London Hospital

Thanks Karina, it really was a good experience, one of the best courses I have attended, and thank you to the group for helping make it that way and for healing my torn calf muscle!

Dr Rory M, MD (GP)

This was one of the best workshops I have attended. Everything was explained in a clear and concise way. The energy was very high for the duration of the workshop and we had fun.

Natalie Wylupek, Scotland Reiki practitioner, Bio energy healing and energy therapist

Karina was a delight and extremely knowledgeable. One of the very best workshops I have been on. A brilliant example of how to run a workshop. Thank you!

Victor Kendal, UK Energy Medicine, Reconnective healing, The Reconnection, Quantum Touch, Alkalizing & Detox program, Scenar and Laser therapy, RIFE therapy, Energy Frequency therapy, BodyTalk, Bodytalk Access, Mindscape, EFT, Reiki, Energy & Meri

I love QT and I want to go further with it – I enjoyed every moment of the workshop! I found out that I actually felt more alive and awake. The energy was amazing! I will use it daily in my life to charge up my life.

J.B, London Silva Mind Method Practitioner

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