Can I do this? Can I really help others using energy?

Posted on Friday 21st April, 2017

Karina Grant

I wanted to address this topic as I have been asked this question several times recently. We all have an innate desire to help each other and somehow over time it has been handed over to those who are “highly qualified” or those who have studied the human body intricately.

I have often heard “I want to do this, I believe it works but I am not sure if I can personally do this.”

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Love What Matters

Posted on Sunday 8th January, 2017


This video is a beautiful and perfect example of how our words affect and influence the outcomes of our loved ones lives. We have the power to totally transform lives by the seeds we plant in their minds, through loving and empowering language. This was certainly the case with Thomas…

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New Level 1 Workshop!

Posted on Friday 6th January, 2017


Come and take the NEW Level 1 QT workshop! You can expect: expanded practice sessions clear descriptions on topics such as “Quantum” or “new paradigm” exercises and explanations that respond to the current needs of our community new support materials for students We have come up with a new Level…

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Introducing Lior Shai Levy

Posted on Sunday 20th November, 2016


It is with the great pleasure and delight that I introduce you to my second baby boy, Lior Shai. Lior means My Light, and Shai means My gift. I felt these names were very akin to his energy, which is full of light and sparkles. I know he will be a gift to all those lucky enough to be around him.

I wanted to share his arrival with you because the lessons contained within it will shape and redefine my future forever.

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Incredible lifesaving healing after a heart attack with QT

Posted on Thursday 3rd March, 2016

Simon Incredible lifesaving healing after a heart attack with QT

When Aynoa Lecea, a Spanish dentist from Exeter attended my QT Level 1 in October 2015 she had no idea that just a few days later she would be using her new skills to help save her 35 year old husband’s life after he collapsed in the forest and had a heart…

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NEW research says physical pain is connected to trauma

Posted on Monday 18th January, 2016

Karina Grant Is physical pain connected to trauma?

New research is confirming what we already witness regularly in Self Created Health – physical pain is directly connected to trauma. Researchers have found that 15-30% of people with chronic disease also suffer from Post traumatic stress disorder. I have personally observed that 100% of physical conditions have a direct…

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Amazing Masterclass from Oprah – The Colour Purple

Posted on Friday 15th January, 2016


I have watched this video so many times and every single time I hear Oprah’s words I am reminded of the absolute highest level of universal law that there is – surrender. I know with full heart that every prayer said, every intention set, every healing given and every desire…

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The New Human Movie

Posted on Thursday 5th November, 2015


In this exciting video Richard Gordon begins by addressing students in the University of Hong Kong about the amazing effect that Quantum Touch Level 2 has on bone alignment. Richard also talks about his quest to provide empirical evidence showing how easy it is to adjust structure with QTL2. After exploring various ways of measuring a person before and after receiving QT, Richard begins scanning people…

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Dr Wayne Dyer’s light will continue to shine on

Posted on Wednesday 2nd September, 2015

Karina Grant Photo of Dr Wayne Dyer

So many of us will have been deeply moved this week by Dr Wayne Dyer’s passing over. Growing up in a household that had shelves overflowing with books by Louise Hay and other spiritual leaders, Wayne Dyer’s soulful teachings have been a part of my life for many years. I recently…

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VIDEO: Being an original version of YOU

Posted on Tuesday 1st September, 2015

Karina Grant Caroline McHugh speaking on stage at TED

I recently watched a fantastic TED talk given by teacher and author of “Never not a lovely moon” by Caroline McHugh. Caroline founded a movement called IDOLOGY, a movement dedicated to helping individuals be original versions of themselves. She describes herself as a teacher and student of human potential and…

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The biological effect of Love

Posted on Tuesday 11th August, 2015


The more I witness the development journey that babies go through, the more fascinated I become with the natural intelligence encoded within our divine design.

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Retired Dr helps cancer patients with universal energy healing

Posted on Wednesday 5th August, 2015

Simon Dr Bina Shah running energy healing for her patients

In the video below Dr Shah shows that when we are open to new paradigms we can shift the way we help others and engage with life. I have many healthcare professionals and Reiki masters attending my workshops and I strongly believe that energy healing is the future of healthcare. Meet Bina Shah, M.D.,…

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